28 Months Later

Alex Garland is kindav on fire right now. You know the wildly successful indie sci-fi film called Ex Machina ? He wrote that. Zombie fans also know him from 28 Days Later the zombie film from director Danny Boyle.
On a side note, I don’t care what anyone says, the 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later flesh eating ghouls are zombies. You can read my justification for them being zombies here: What is a Zombie? Part Four: Rage Zombie
Okay, that said… Let’s jump back to the possibility of a 28 Months Later movie..

Alex Garland has stated to Indiewire that he is not a big fan of sequels, and had very little to do with the story of 28 Weeks Later (he was an Executive Producer but contributed little to the actual story – and some will argue that it’s in this movie that they really became zombies – but again I digress…). However, with that said, he also states that he organically came up with an idea for a continued 28 Days/Weeks movie. He has said that sequels are generally forced, either by pressure of fans or by pressure of the movie studio and because of that they can be rushed and can turn out being just okay instead of what the real vision with careful thought could be. (I kindav paraphrased there)

This go around, Garland has given the idea to the producer of the 1st two films, Andrew McDonald, who has been reported to be fleshing it out. It probably won’t be called 28 Months Later (but it could be). It certainly can’t be called 28 Years Later because it’s only been, what, 12 years since Days and 8 years since Weeks? Though, I supposed we could still Months as the 1st movie and 2nd movie were released 4 years apart and that’s certainly a fair amount more than 28 weeks.

What would you call it?

Of course, nothing is written in stone, but hey.. this is still some cool news of a cool zombie franchise!

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