8 Fun Foods for your Walking Dead Gatherings

Okay… so typically when you think of big events and food you probably think of the Superbowl or a holiday party of some sort.  I know several people that make a Sunday tradition of cooking up a good batch of party food and having Walking Dead parties.  Why not?

I present to you: 8 Fun Foods for your Walking Dead Gatherings!

1) Death Wish Coffee:


You gotta have something to drink, might as well make coffee!  Death Wish Coffee stuff is strong, and I don’t mean it will help keep you up for a bit, no.  This stuff is concentrated caffeine (200% the value of a normal cup of coffee).  Keep this hot on brew all day and you won’t have to worry about falling asleep during your time to watch for walkers!

2) Monster Burgers:



Instead of making those piddly little sliders (rat burgers as we call em) or waste time on dinky sized burgers, let everyone know that you mean business by creating one of these big-ass Monster Burgers!  This particular one was made with 5 pounds of beef, a heal of lettuce, 24 slices of cheese (12 cheddar and 12 swiss), 4 tomatoes, a jar of pickles, two onions (one sauteed and one left raw), more mushrooms than my backyard has, custom made buns, and an entire bottle of Tabasco.  Mayo, mustard, and relish were served on the side.

3) Zombie Hot Dogs:


Eat them before they eat you!  These guys are made with your above average length hot dogs (actually you can use any kind but for these we used kielbasa).  We fired up the grill and got the dogs all nice and cooked.  We used some sub-type rolls for the hot dog buns, slathered those puppies up in various toppings (chili, cheese, relish, jalapeños, onions, and all the other favorite fixings, then we popped them into the oven for about 10 minutes to let the cheese melt and flavors eat into each other.  Add some ketchup or mustard (or more chili) and you have yourself some Zombie Hot Dogs!

4) Zombie Hand Meat Loaf:


This is one everyone can enjoy!  Simply make your traditional meat loaf but instead of putting it into a boring rectangular pan, we shaped it into a hand, covered it in ketchup, and sliced cheese.  We used a purple onion for fingernails and the wrist bone. The cheese you don’t actually eat (unless you want to), instead after you have whatever portion on your plate, you have to peel the skin (cheese) away to enjoy the meaty goodness underneath.  This is served with mashed potatoes and green peas (should you decide to make your head spin later).

5) Zombie Leg:


Yeah, we don’t know.  There is so much pork in this one that it’s scary.  I mean… as in heart attack scary!  We take our kielbasa from the zombie hot dogs from above (we had some left over), wrapped that in bacon, wrap that in ham, wrap that in sausage, and finally wrap that in more bacon…


Now that you have your Zombie Leg all wrapped up, slap that puppy onto a smoker grill and smoke it for several hours until it’s done.  Slice it into appropriate portions and enjoy!


Speaking of smoking something on your grill…

6) Zombie BBQ:

Notice that above photo shows the Zombie Leg all nice and smoke?  Next to it we also see a nice chunk of smoked bbq.  Only this stuff is a surprise.  Well.. not exactly a surprise but it’s hot.  We’re talking cayenne pepper crust, red pepper flakes mixed in, and lots of tabasco.  HOT!  You party goers will be running for the milk after this Zombie BBQ bites them back!  Pull your pork, chop it, or slice it, however you like it, it’s gonna have BITE!


7) WTF Sammiches:

Grab some bread and whatever you have and mix it all together.  One Rule; it HAS to contain hot sauce of some type!

For sammich #1 we used some chili from our zombie hot dogs mixed with some zombie bbq, next to that we put some strawberry whipped frosting and topped it with tabasco.


For sammich #2 we used some tuna, some blueberry yogurt, and some zombie repellent hot sauce.  YUM!


Anything will work really, I’ve also done peanut butter and sauteed onions with tabasco as well as vanilla ice cream, fried chicken nuggets, grape slushee, and cholula hot sauce.

8) Candied Zombie Flesh:

This is a great after dinner desert and let me tell you, it’s rich!  You take as many oranges as you want and remove the peal and cut the peel into 1″ strips.  Take a pan of water and bring it to a boil and cook the peels for about 1 minute.  You then want to drain and rinse the peels under cold water.   Fill the pan again and again bring it to a boil and again cook the peels for 1 minute.  Do this one more time.

What you are doing is removing the bitterness of the peel itself.

Now, take your pan and add some water and sugar (let the sugar dissolve) and bring it to a boil.  Add the orange peels and let it simmer for about 15 minutes.  Use some tongs to remove the peels and let them dry on some parchment paper for at least an hour or more.  You may also notice that they have become slightly translucent.  This is a good thing!

Next you want to heat up some dipping chocolate and dip those orange peels!  Toss them into the fridge to let them set, and now you have some Candied Zombie Flesh!


Traditionally these are dipped in dark chocolate, but I prefer milk chocolate so I use that.


There you have it folks!  8 super food items to bring fun and entertainment to any of your Walking Dead gatherings!

What are some of your favorite foods to make?

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