Already Dead (and chickens)

What I am about to share with you is the very core of what is all about.  Part of our mission, aside from our retail store, is to help promote the lesser known people of the horror genre, be they authors or be they film directors.  Today I am pleased to share with you one hell of a vision from an artist who has set up shop over on Etsy.

44chicken is to whom I refer.  Odd name?  Perhaps.  What’s it got to do with horror?  How freaked out would you be if you were being chased by 44 undead chickens???!  Actually I’m not too sure of the name chosen, but I digress..

The Already Dead shop is full of all kinds of neat items.  There are Zombie Cherubs complete with glitter wings and a gaze that shows you he is wishing of chomping brains.  There is the Day of the Dead No Smoking sign (and I’m not talking about the movie here, I’m talking about the actual Holiday celebrated).  There is the Metal Crucifix with a skeletal Jesus figure, and oh so much more.

What I’ve really come to like about the artowrk presented is it all has a very New Orleans style and look to it.  Not quite voodoo, but it’s all vibrant and full of color and texture.  The prices are more than reasonable, in fact my biggest issue is deciding exactly what I want to get.  I know I need to get my ass in gear and get something ordered because, well, it’s artwork and once it’s gone it’s gone!  Each item is unique and one of a kind, so if you do find something you like, you’d better jump on it!

44chicken is the person behind the Already Dead shop.  Certainly go by and check out her shop.  She can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, Artfire, and if you happen to be in New York, you can see them at Sunday Love on Grand Street in Brooklyn!

The biggest thing I can say, keep Already Dead on your favorites list and check back daily, you never know what new goodies you will find that she has added!

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2 Responses to “Already Dead (and chickens)”

  1. Shayna says:

    Holy Crap! Thanks so much! And I will agree that the name don’t fit that game, but the name came first! (what came first…the chicken or the…)

    WOOT! Anyone mentioning this website in their order message will get one of my postcards featuring that adorable baby zombie dreaming of brains!

    Thank you so much! DOTD is comin’ so I’m adding stuff daily! Keep it Creepy!

  2. 44chicken says:

    Black friday Sale in the shop! 20% off everything!

    Cyber monday Deals too!

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