Audiovile by Michael A. Arnzen

This is now on sale in the main lobby! Buy your copy today!

Today I got a package in from Raw Dog Sreaming Press. Inside was a book (which I’ll be reading and doing a review on when I’m done) as well as a CD of Audiovile by Michael A. Arnzen.

In regards to Audiovile
Audiovile by Michael Arnzen

What can I say? Holy effeing hell this is some brilliant shit!
It reminds of the band 2NU from the early 1990’s, a surreal spoken-word narrative group.
But Audiovile has BITE. It sounds like something you would hear late at night in a darkened coffee shop, with wisps of old coffee wafting to your nose.
That is.. if the coffee shop was in the middle of the ZombieMall!

It has a very unique style, something from a David Lynch film.

It’s deep, grabs you by the ears and refuses to let go.

It’s obviously a niche item, but there are so many of us that dwell in that darkened niche that oh holy cow I can see this selling like… like… Zombies crave flesh right? This CD is the flesh to a zombie.

Stabbing for Dummies is easily one of the best tracks on the CD (I’d imagine of all the tracks I’ve heard thus far, this one will have parents and church goers going up in arms probably because they fail to see the artistic vision behind it).

The Cow Cafe’ is totally insane! I had to listen to this one 3 times and I’m still not tired of it!

Brain Candy is a very close 2nd. In fact, Brain Candy have even been made into a “cartoon” of sorts:

Here is a list of the complete track listing:

* Psycho Hunter (3:37)
* Obictionary (2:14)
* In the Middle (2:57)
* Stress Toy (2:17)
* Dreamachinery (3:40)
* Stabbing for Dummies (7:55)
* Why Zombies Lumber (1:46)
* The Cow Café (5:55)
* Brain Candy (1:57)
* Driving the Sick Elephant (4:03)
* Take Out (1:43)
* The Seven-Headed Beast (3:51)
* Little Stocking Stuffers (1:52)
* Six Short Films About Chauncy the Serial Killer (2:19)
* A Donation (4:33)
* Not the Reaper (2:27)

You can listen to some sample tracks and purchase this CD here: Audiovile by Michael Arnzen

Audiovile has 16 tracks and a running time of 56 minutes and 46 seconds.

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