Blood Jam 2oz Jar Stainless Zombie Stage Blood

Blood Jam 2oz Jar Stainless Zombie Stage Blood (it’s Green Blood) :  $7.00 per jar


Blood Jam is the only stage blood on the market that WILL NOT STAIN. I have personally put this stuff through the test. I caked a shirt with Blood Jam and after two weeks of it sitting in 105°F sunny weather, I simply tossed the shirt into the washing machine and when it came out it was spotless!

Blood Jam is customizable for your own needs. This means that on average you get 25 – 200% more FREE without losing color or washability.

As is you can use for effects that you don’t want to run or drip anywhere.
1 TBSP of Blood mixed with 1 TSP of water makes for a nice, slow-moving consistency.
1 TBSP of Blood mixed with 2TSP of water makes for a runny, thin consistency. Great for blood bags.
1 TBSP of Blood mixed with 3TSP (1TBSP) of water makes for a really runny consistency which is great for splatter.
If you put 1 TBSP of Blood in the microwave for 7 seconds, or keep it warm by some other means it will become runny and slowly return to its original thickness as it cools.

A mixing tip, if you put the 1TBSP Blood + x TSP water in the microwave for 7 seconds it will blend faster and easier. Also note: You MUST dispose of the product after each use, especially when it has been mixed with water. After mixing with water the Blood has approximately 12 hours before it needs to be disposed of.

What is Blood Jam made of?

Blood Jam consists of corn syrup, tri-sodium citrate, calcium phosphate, sodium ascorbate, red 40, blue 1, yellow 5, Red 3 and Yellow 6.

All ingredients are safe for the skin and mouth but are not intended to be ingested.

How well does it wash out?

Blood Jam washes out simply with Hot Water! To make the process easier and quicker remove all excess blood before rinsing. Place the area of the costume to be washed under running hot water and work with fingers. Cold water will work but hot water is faster and more effective. You may also simply throw the costumes into the wash if desired (although I would again remove as much excess blood as possible first!).  You can purchase this directly from Gravity and Momentum via their website.



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