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Rob Sacchetto’s Zombie Portraits Video

and then I ran across this today… no, I can’t get an uncensored version.  I already asked.

ZombieMall Interviews Artist Rob Sacchetto

Listen… there is a guy who does kick-ass zombie art… (just one? – uhm.. no, but he is the only one that I am speaking about right now) I was cruising through my shopping center a while ago and ran across this nifty deck of cards that was all zombied out and the artwork looked very […]

Max Booth III – an Interview

I had an opportunity to throw some questions at Max Booth III (you know, the author of Toxicity and The Mind is a Razor Blade) and he responded by throwing some cookies at me.  I like cookies, so we sat down and ate of them.  He also gave me some answers to my more burning […]

Karen Stever Interview

After getting a signed CD from Karen Stever, I decided that I had to get to know her a bit more… When I listen to Playground Isolator, it’s sound(s) remind me of music that I would listen to late at night back in the ’80’s. That is, not the average Top 40 that everyone pretended […]

Interview with Zombie Cop Illustrator Szymon Kudranski

To go hand in hand with our interview with Jeff Mariotte, I am chomping at the bit to talk to the illustrator of Zombie Cop. You all know his work from previous comics and other areas of fantasy. As most of you are aware, I used to own a hobby shop several years back, Game […]

Interview with Zombie Cop Creator Jeff Mariotte

Not everything that is associated with involves zombies.  Well, not exclusively.  I was contacted a few weeks back by Jeff Mariotte, author of several genre’s of books, from Spider-Man to CSI: Miami, to Star Trek, to Conan.  These are all subjects that I have certainly had an interest in, but when he told me […]

Back From The Dead? Rane Clemens Exclusive

OK, let’s get one damn thing straight here. Yes, I’ve been missing from civilization for the past, let’s say, 28 Days. Or, 82. Who’s countin’, after all? And, yes, I have a tendency to find trouble in the most ruthless of places. And that only makes sense. No reason, after all, to brush and floss […]

Interview with Author Sheldon S. Higdon

In running I’ve had the pleasure of encountering several horror writers. I think I’ve read more in the past four months than I have all last year. When I ran across Sheldon S. Higdon I knew at some point I was going to have to have an interview. Over the months I’ve gotten to […]

Interview with Michael Arnzen of Audiovile

I want to let the world know, Audiovile is NOT an audio book. It is really in it’s own class of audio actually, “spoken narrative”. My first experience into the world of “spoken narrative” was in 1991 with the Group 2NU and their track Ponderous. I was hooked in finding as many of these types […]

Are Zombies Real? Rane Clemens Exclusive

“Are Zombies Real?” The author would like to foremention to the Editors of The Zombie Blog, that your organization should seriously consider adding a Category labeled as, “Zombie Facts & Research”. In addition, the web host of this site should offer Mr. Rane Clemens log-in access to this site, so that he may update his […]