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Rob Sacchetto’s Zombie Portraits Video

and then I ran across this today… no, I can’t get an uncensored version.¬† I already asked.

ZombieMall Interviews Artist Rob Sacchetto

Listen… there is a guy who does kick-ass zombie art… (just one? – uhm.. no, but he is the only one that I am speaking about¬†right now) I was cruising through my shopping center a while ago and ran across this nifty deck of cards that was all zombied out and the artwork looked very […]

Interview with Zombie Cop Illustrator Szymon Kudranski

To go hand in hand with our interview with Jeff Mariotte, I am chomping at the bit to talk to the illustrator of Zombie Cop. You all know his work from previous comics and other areas of fantasy. As most of you are aware, I used to own a hobby shop several years back, Game […]