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Max Booth III – an Interview

I had an opportunity to throw some questions at Max Booth III (you know, the author of Toxicity and The Mind is a Razor Blade) and he responded by throwing some cookies at me.  I like cookies, so we sat down and ate of them.  He also gave me some answers to my more burning […]

Interview with Zombie Cop Creator Jeff Mariotte

Not everything that is associated with involves zombies.  Well, not exclusively.  I was contacted a few weeks back by Jeff Mariotte, author of several genre’s of books, from Spider-Man to CSI: Miami, to Star Trek, to Conan.  These are all subjects that I have certainly had an interest in, but when he told me […]

Interview with Author Sheldon S. Higdon

In running I’ve had the pleasure of encountering several horror writers. I think I’ve read more in the past four months than I have all last year. When I ran across Sheldon S. Higdon I knew at some point I was going to have to have an interview. Over the months I’ve gotten to […]

Interview with author of Monster Island, Dave Wellington

Recently I had the chance to sit down and shoot some questions over to David Wellington, author of Monster Island, Monster Nation, Monster Planet, 13 Bullets, and 99 Coffins.  This guy is one hell of a nice guy and agreed to give me an interview here.  I love the words he has crafted, and the […]