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Back From The Dead? Rane Clemens Exclusive

OK, let’s get one damn thing straight here. Yes, I’ve been missing from civilization for the past, let’s say, 28 Days. Or, 82. Who’s countin’, after all? And, yes, I have a tendency to find trouble in the most ruthless of places. And that only makes sense. No reason, after all, to brush and floss […]

Interview with Michael Arnzen of Audiovile

I want to let the world know, Audiovile is NOT an audio book. It is really in it’s own class of audio actually, “spoken narrative”. My first experience into the world of “spoken narrative” was in 1991 with the Group 2NU and their track Ponderous. I was hooked in finding as many of these types […]

Are Zombies Real? Rane Clemens Exclusive

“Are Zombies Real?” The author would like to foremention to the Editors of The Zombie Blog, that your organization should seriously consider adding a Category labeled as, “Zombie Facts & Research”. In addition, the web host of this site should offer Mr. Rane Clemens log-in access to this site, so that he may update his […]