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The Mind is a Razor Blade – a review with a bonus

I got The Mind is a Razor Blade by Max Booth III and when I opened it, you won’t guess what happened next!   I turned the page! I kept doing that until I had finished the book! OMG! Okay.. I’ll admit it, I’m not very good at doing a grab like other websites are. […]

Hell’s Castaway – Poetry by Howard Boling – a review

Howard Boling is a friend from way back. Warhammer 40k, rolling dice, painting miniatures, and general bullshitting is what we had in common… at first. I discovered he was a wrestler (yes, what you guys call “fake” wrestling – but there is nothing fake about it) and kick-boxing. Occasionally we would spar; his favorite technique […]

Sean T. Page’s Alien Invasion Owner’s Resistance Manual – a review

Here… We… Go… A New Year! The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is behind me and I’ve been able to finally catch up on some reading. Me catching up reading also means me being able to type out some reviews, so let us jump right into it! Enjoy 2015 folks! Many years ago […]

Toxicity by Max Booth III – A Review

Toxicity Review There is a saying “Do not judge a book by it’s cover”. It’s a rather self explanatory saying; don’t assume you know what the innards are going to be like simply by looking at the… well… cover. Regardless, that’s exactly what I did with Max Booth III’s book Toxicity. I mean… look at […]

Sean T. Page’s Zombie Survival Manual – a review

I’ve been meaning to write a review for Sean T. Page’s Zombie Survival Manual for a couple of months now, but in my business this time of year gets to be very busy for me. Busy… That’s such a BS word.. busy. Busy keeps us from doing what we really want, and in most instances […]

Metahorde by Sean T. Page and John McCuaig

My friend from across the pond, Sean T. Page,  shot me a review copy of Metahorde. This book sinks it’s teeth into you from the very first page and does not let go until the very last.  Even then it makes you wonder what’s going to happen next! What is a Metahorde?  Well.. I don’t […]

The Terror At Miskatonic Falls

Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft comes a book of unspeakable terror.  Okay, maybe not unspeakable, but it will be full of horror and monsters.  Edited by Kevin Lucia, illustrated by Danny Evarts, The Terror at Miskatonic Falls features over 50 contributors (of which I am one of) who slowly reveal what happened one fateful winter in […]

NEW BOOK: Pain by Harry Shannon, a zombie novella!

Dark Regions Press is proud to announce PAIN by Harry Shannon, the first in our brand new novella series! You can order PAIN in two collectible formats: our leather-bound signed by both author and artist Deluxe Lettered Hardcover edition with slipcase and our 100 Signed and Numbered Limited Hardcover edition. PAIN includes an introduction by […]

the Official Zombie Handbook (UK) – Review

We all know that when this plague of zombies hits, it’s going to hit hard.  We also know that there is a good chance that it can go global.  What we don’t know is when or where the first outbreak will occur.  I and my website are based in the United States, that’s just […]

Peckinpah: An UltraViolence Romance (Review)

As I mentioned in a previous post, Tim Deal from Shroud Publishing sent me a care package.  One of the books was Peckinpah: An UltraViolence Romance by D. Harlan Wilson. I used a bandaid for a bookmark.  Split hogs abound, a broken clover, comPuter Cleaner, and a holographic name of Helen are but parts in […]