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Review of R. Scott McCoy’s FEAST

A few months back I received a care package from Tim Deal over at Shroud Publishing.  Included in that package was a book by R. Scott McCoy (you may know him as publisher and editor of Necrotic Tissue) called FEAST. I literally flew through this book in less than a day.  It was a page […]


Welcome to the weird and wild world of ESOTERIA-LAND! You won’t find it on any map, but you will find it between the covers of this book. ESOTERIA-LAND is the realm of Michael McCarty’s nonfiction. Over the years he has written hundreds of interviews, articles, essays and reviews, and he has selected an authentic, eclectic, […]

Found some books!

You guys all know I like to read.  A lot.  When I was in high-school my face was burried deep within a book each and every day.  For me they were magical portals to other worlds.  Something with much more meaning that going to a movie.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching movies too, […]

Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters by Jane Austen and Ben H. Winters

I can recall back in Junior High School having a list of books to choose from with which I had to read and produce a report on to the class. There were such titles as Animal Farm by Orwell, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Lord of the Flies by William Golding, The Grapes […]

Review of Scott Bowen’s The Vampire Survival Guide

A couple months back I was contacted by Skyhorse Publishing and was told about some pretty interesting sounding books.  Now, as you all know I can’t get enough books and I’ll read each and every one sent to me (well, almost each and every one).  They offered to send me those books and of course […]

Better Haunted Homes and Gardens by Jennifer Barnes – A Review

I love horror and scary icky things.  I am careful to seperate my fondness of that subject from my daughter (4 1/2 years old) and my son (1 year old).  I am careful to hide my horror DVD’s away like they were something to be ashamed of.  Of course they are not, but seriously, the […]

Verily! A review of Jeremy C. Shipp’s Sheep and Wolves

A couple of months ago I did a review of Jeremy Shipp’s novel, Vacation.  From that I was totally blown away with it’s structure and instantly thirsted for more.  Raw Dog Screaming Press was very gracious and sent me an advanced review copy of Jeremy’s newest book, Sheep and Wolves.  Sheep and Wolves is a […]

Isabel Burning for sale at Exclusive Paperback Advance Copy!

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Jeremy Shipp’s Vacation Novel – A Review

So here I am looking over this nifty new book that was sent to me by Raw Dog Screaming Press. I’ve just finished reading this… I’m not sure I would call Vacation by Jeremy Shipp a novel per say, I mean it is a novel, but it’s more of a head-trip really. A whacked-out-of-your-head trip. […]

Syndrome E-Book Review

Part Saw, part Hostel, and part Fallen (the Denzil Washington movie), Syndrome, an e-book by James Patrick Riser, starts off strong and ends with a bang! This e-book reads quickly and can certainly be done in one sitting, it comes in at just over 50 pages. It is published by Wild Child Publishing, and can […]