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Archie vs Predator – Comic Review

I’ve seen some odd crossovers but this may very well be the strangest yet… This is a very unique combination of worlds in the geek and horror universe! A Little History First: The year 1990 saw the release of Predator 2 in the movie theater. Towards the end we were treated with a super cool […]

Max Bemis’ comic Polarity

Have you ever read a comic where you can actually watch the Superhero go from regular person to Superhero status?  Yeah, you may know the story; Spiderman, Superman, Batman, and the like, but have you ever been able to go back and read the very first issues without knowing what was going to happen next […]

Final Zombie Cop Exclusive Page 64

Tomorrow’s the big day!  Hurry out to your local comic shop and snatch up two copies of this graphic novel!  Ya know, one ta read and one ta keep in it’s sealed plastic baggie!  Go!  Now!  But first, here is the final Zombie Cop exclusive sneak preview of Page 64!

Zombie Cop Page 63 Exlcusive

It’s just a couple more days now!  I’m leaking out the next exclusive page, Page 63!

Zombie Cop Page 62 Exlcusive

As promised!  This is page 62, fitting for the New Year! Stay tuned, as page 63 will also be released with an interview with illustrator Szymon Kudranski!

Zombie Cop Page 61 Exlcusive

ZombieMall has also learned that Zombie Cop should be available at comic book stores everywhere on January 14th! As promised, here is the next page released exclusively here at !

Zombie Cop Comic Page 60 Exclusive!

This is certainly one of the highlights of running  From time to time we attract some pretty damn good talent and this post boasts no different.  I was contacted by Comic writer, Jeff Mariotte, and illustrator, Szymon Kudranski, about a new comic project they are working on called Zombie Cop.  Jeff was cool enough […]