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Whopperrito and the Only Way to Eat It

I can’t bring myself to eat the newest Burger King creation, the Whopperrito. I know I will eventually, simply because of the fad of it.  For now, however, I’m letting my friend from Tiki Bar Music, Paul, try it first.  He did tell me that eating it just as it comes isn’t the correct way.  […]

8 Fun Foods for your Walking Dead Gatherings

Okay… so typically when you think of big events and food you probably think of the Superbowl or a holiday party of some sort.  I know several people that make a Sunday tradition of cooking up a good batch of party food and having Walking Dead parties.  Why not? I present to you: 8 Fun […]

Death Wish Coffee a review

I like coffee.  A lot. I ran across this new kind of coffee company while cruising on Facebook. They call themselves Death Wish Coffee.  I had to have it just based on the name alone. Why do they call it Death Wish Coffee?  Well.. they advertise that it contains roughly 200% more caffeine than any […]