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Dead Things Board Game ZombieMall Scenario

For a couple of posts now, I’ve been posting about this cool new game, Dead Things, that I have been playing. A day or so ago we decided to tailor the game to reflect ZombieMall.  That is, we came up with our own scenario, which is one of the kick-ass elements of this game; you […]

Dead Things : The Zombie Board Game (a review)

Wherein we avoid zombies and try to keep the group alive… (oh, and I’ve got a sneaky bonus for you all towards the end of this review!) You guys saw my post a few days ago where I was having a mess-load of fun listening to the Dead Things Audio Stories…  Well, those stories took […]

Dead Things Audio Stories by DM Fitzgerald

Going back to my youth (but I promise you I’m not old) I always enjoyed listening to radio shows.  It was kindav like reading, but different.  What I really liked about listening was leaning back with some headphones on, closing my eyes, and visually imagining what was going on.  I’ve always gotten a kick out […]