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Zombie Fans Have a Place to Rest

We all know that your first stop in the zombie apocalypse is going to be the mall, the ZombieMall. Okay, okay, I want that to be the first place because I’m that full of myself, but let’s get serious for a moment.. Social Media has done much over the years in getting major information out. […]

Our newest project takes us on a journey into the realm of the ghostly.  Check out our newest site, !  Have a tale to tell?  Photos to share?  Check out the site and see what spooky things lurk over there!

Already Dead (and chickens)

What I am about to share with you is the very core of what is all about.  Part of our mission, aside from our retail store, is to help promote the lesser known people of the horror genre, be they authors or be they film directors.  Today I am pleased to share with you […]

Nerdoh – Movie Inspired Clothing

While doing some Tweeting on Twitter.. (that just sounds so funny to me) I came across one of the people I was following: Nerdoh. What is Nerdoh you ask? A site that carries Premium Movie Inspired Clothing! Oh you were finished?  Well, then allow me to retort! This is not just some shitty site with […]


NEW SHROUD CONTEST: STALK A STORE FOR SHROUD The wonderful and supportive Sheldon S. Higdon gave me this idea. He emailed me to let me know that he was calling his local B&N to find out if Shroud were on the shelves yet. WHO are a better marketeer of a magazine than the people that […]

Advertising with Shroud Magazine

I got word that a major distributor just ordered 1600 copies of issue #6 of Shroud Magazine. I went ahead and took advantage Shroud’s advertising special (the first 100 ads get a 1/4 page ad at $30.00  instead of the normal $50.00). I know Tim’s working his ass off over there, but hey, I’m sure […]

Michael Arnzen Halloween Readings

I got a heads up from Michael Arnzen about a Halloween reading he is gonna do; here is what he sent me: You can catch me reading at Zombiefest in Pittsburgh PA — at the Monroeville Mall where Romero shot Dawn of the Dead! — this weekend (reading at Saturday at 4pm).Visit the events on […]

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Let’s make THE number 1 Zombie site out there! Zombie Top Site List

So here’s the scoop. I love scary things, horror, and things that go bump in the night. I ran across a few weeks back and have been trading emails back and forth with Jennifer, the Managing Editor over there. What is Raw Dog Screaming Press? Simply put they “publish traditional horror and also a […]

Today I got a letter in the mail. It was a little heavy and the address was hand-written. The letter hailed from Atlanta, Georgia. I opened it and read: Brian Hardin II c/o June 14th, 2008. On behalf of all those seeking to effectively survive the coming apocalypse of the undead, we wish to […]