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Stever – Playground Isolator CD Review

Stever – Playground Isolator (you can also read our Interview with Karen here: Karen Stever Interview ) I’m a fan of warped music. No, quite literally, music that is warped, like playing a slightly sun damaged LP on a record player. Dwell on that sound for a moment while I set the rest of this […] now offers Audiovile!

AudioVile by Michael Arnzen is now on sale in the main lobby! Click the CD cover below to buy your copy today! Be sure to check out our review here: Audiovile by Michael Arnzen

Audiovile by Michael A. Arnzen

This is now on sale in the main lobby! Buy your copy today! Today I got a package in from Raw Dog Sreaming Press. Inside was a book (which I’ll be reading and doing a review on when I’m done) as well as a CD of Audiovile by Michael A. Arnzen. In regards to […]