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The Strain Season 3 Premiere Review

I’m trying, I’m trying real hard to get back into watching The Strain.  Problem is, I’m bored with it.  I want to enjoy it, but it seems like it’s just spinning it’s wheels. Season One was all about finding The Master. Season Two was all about finding The Occido Lumen (a book). It seems that […]

The Strain returns for Season 3

FX’s The Strain returns for Season 3 starting on August 28th!  They have really ramped up their promotions for it and today they released a video trying to get us all to become vampires! What say you? Will you stay human or will you volunteer yourself to become a strigoi?

MTV’s Scream vs 1996’s Scream

Last night, August 16th, 2016 we saw the Season 2 finale of MTV’s Scream.  The show is based on the same title as the 1996 movie Scream, but short of that, the two have very little in common. The similarities are there, sure, but I would categorize them more of slightly borrowed elements (or paying […]