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Blair Witch Project review by ZombieMall

The Blair Witch Project – ZombieMall’s Review First, I want to give you a little back story… Back in 1994 three film students, Heather, Josh, and Mike, go to the Black Hills near Burkittsville, Maryland (formerly Blair), to do a documentary about a local folklore legend called the Blair Witch. They head into the woods […]

Saw 8 Teaser Poster for Halloween of 2017??

what am I looking at here??  

Krampus – My Review & WTF!?!!

With a lackluster Halloween for new horror movies, I had heard about Krampus coming out for a Christmas time release.  I admit I was not expecting much from it, and initially I wasn’t going to even bother trying to see it, but there was a hunger in the back of my mind that was needing […]

Maggie – a Zombie Blu-Ray Review

As the name of my site indicates, we like zombies.  When I heard that Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to be in a zombie flick, I thought to myself.. really?  How is that going to work?  I figured it was going to be a big budget action shoot-em-up kind of movie.  Slowly, more details came in […]

28 Months Later

Alex Garland is kindav on fire right now. You know the wildly successful indie sci-fi film called Ex Machina ? He wrote that. Zombie fans also know him from 28 Days Later the zombie film from director Danny Boyle. On a side note, I don’t care what anyone says, the 28 Days Later and 28 […]

Horns – A DVD Review

I missed the chance to see Horns in the movie theater. I wanted to see it on the big screen for a couple of reasons, but mainly I just wanted to see it. It came out on DVD not too long ago (well.. okay, not too long ago as of my writing of this review […]

Tusk – A DVD Review

When I first sat down to watch Kevin Smith’s Tusk, I didn’t really know what to expect. I mean, I kindav knew what it was about (a guy tries to turn another guy into a walrus) and I was familiar with how it came to be (it was sparked by an idea that Kevin and […]

World War Z – A Review

Hi.  My name is Brian and I like zombies. I also run some of the biggest zombie websites in the world.  Well, okay, maybe not the biggest, but they do have their place on the web.  You may have heard of a couple of them; and ?  No?  Well.. crap.  That’s okay, I’m […]

The Purge – Movie Discussion

I find myself sitting in my local movie theater (Carmike Oaks 7 Cinema in Batesville, AR) and tonight’s movie is The Purge. You’ve seen the preview.  Crime and unemployment are at an all-time low.  The government has sanctioned an annual 12 hour time frame called ‘The Purge’ in which any crime is legal and will […]

V/H/S – Review

V/H/S releases today, October 5th in the United States with a very limited release in select theaters.   Yes, there are spoilers ahead. Done in the tradition of The Blair Witch Project, V/H/S is filmed in the style of  “reality home video” / “amateur home video”.  Be warned though, it lacks the..  stillness of most […]