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[REC]3: GENESIS – a Review

WARNING: SPOILERS ABOUND!!! Before I begin this review of [REC]3, I want to throw out there a little information about the 1st two, seeing as I have not reviewed them here, however, I do review the remake of the original [REC] for US release called Quarantine. Also let it be known that these films are […]

Rubber – Review of a Tire Movie

Rubber is not for everyone. I first found out about it less than a week ago. The idea is simple enough, a tire wakes up in the middle of a desert to discover it has telepathic abilities and can kill using those abilities. Yes, you read that correctly, a tire. From a car. It doesn’t […]

Battle: Los Angeles a review

Several months ago a movie came out called Skyline.  I saw it on opening day and saved you guys the trouble of the review because, yes, it was that bad.  Had it come out on perhaps a made for TV Sci-Fi station it might have been okay to glance at every now and again, but […]

Devil – M. Night Shyamalan

  What would happen if 5 strangers got into an elevator, the power surges for a moment, and one of the people gets a large bite taken out of their back? On August 17th we will find out in Devil, a movie from the mind of M. Night Shyamalan.  No, he did not direct it, […]

Inception (place ideas here)

Okay, I’ll admit it right off, Inception is not a horror film. It is, however, a Sci-Fi film. Albeit, not hardcore Sc-Fi, but it does deal with entering people’s dreams. With that said, Sci-Fi and Horror are at the core sisters to each other.. Thus we have ZombieMall’s view of Inception. Leonardo DiCaprio stars in […]

Predators Movie Review

7-10-10 Sometimes horror movies suck.  Sometimes horror movies are just plain boring.  Sometimes horror movies just don’t live up to their name of horror.  However, sometimes horror movies can be just out and out fun. I am almost hesitant to mark Predators up to being a horror film, but, in essence it is.  Sci-Fi horror […]

Dead Set review – sometimes you gotta leave Hollywood

Sometimes you gotta leave Hollywood behind. Recently you will notice that most of my movie reviews have had me going off on how inadequate Hollywood has become.  I’ve had this one film sitting on my self for a good while now and tonight I finally watched it.  I am talking about is the TV mini-series […]

The Creeping Flesh Review

With my recent dissappointments with Hollywood, I decided to go Old School… It starts off on a dark and stormy night… Rain is pouring down outside, I had been promised a night out to a restaurant of my choosing, and then a night out to the movies. I picked that place where the big rat […]

Nightmare on Elm St. Review

Ever since I heard that Nightmare on Elm St. was going to be remade, I must admit that I was very excited. Now I must admit that my faith in the Hollywood Remakes has left me bitter and pretty much at a point where I’m actually willing to pass on seeing anything at the movies […]

ZombieMall goes to ZombieLand

It’s time to nut up or shut up.. Okay, it breaks down like this… A) It’s my birthday. 2) ZombieLand came out on my birthday. C) You really think a guy who owns is not going to go out and see a movie called ZombieLand on opening day??? In essence ZombieLand is about 4 […]