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Fear the Walking Dead S2. E10. Do Not Disturb Summary & Review

Things are ramping up and tension is building! In Episode 10 of Fear the Walking Dead, Do Not Disturb, we finally get to see what has become of Travis and Chris.  I have some specific ideas as to what is going on with Chris.. watch the video to see if your thoughts of him match […]

Fear the Walking Dead S2. E9. Lost Muertos Review

Today we review Fear the Walking Dead’s Season 2, Episode 9 Los Muertos and give it our 2 cents. I’m really digging the second half of Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead.  I voice a couple of issue I have with the show, so check this out!   What are your thoughts on this […]

Fear the Walking Dead Grotesque S2.E8 – My Thoughts

Honestly, I had totally forgotten that Fear the Walking Dead was returning last night. That’s my fault, really. I’ve been busy with school starting back up, trying to work, and life in general. Not to mention that I’m still wrapped up in it’s original The Walking Dead and wondering who is going out for the […]

The Walking Dead: Sneak Peek of Season 7 Premiere

Okay, The Walking Dead Season 7 is going to start up soon.  We all know someone is trying out for the “baseball team” but we don’t know who yet.  Spoilers aside, we could ruminate all day and still not know for certain. What we do know is that AMC has released a sneak peek of […]