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What is a Zombie? Verbal Addendum 1

Are you a zombie? Listen to our ZombieCast to find out!

What is a Zombie? Part Six: Fresh/Fast Zombie

The Fresh/Fast Zombie. Okay, the terms Fresh, Fast and Zombie seem to contradict themselves a bit don’t they? But sit back and think about it for a moment. What dictates how fast (or slow) a zombie can move? Just like humans, zombies have muscles. Older zombies, say those that have been dead for several weeks […]

What is a Zombie? Part Five: Viral Zombie

The Viral Zombie. The Viral Zombie is perhaps the most popular of zombie categories for one main reason. Regardless of the type of zombie you are dealing with, be it a Rage Zombie, a Toxic Zombie,or the famous Romero Zombie, they all have one thing in common. Their bite can potentially infect others to rise […]

What is a Zombie? Part Four: Rage Zombie

The Rage Zombie. I have come to terms with this and have openly accepted it as a new classification of Zombie. The Rage Zombie was one born of pure, unchecked, rage, and anger. Made famous in the movie “28 Days Later”, the Rage Zombie was induced by a chemical reaction of sorts created in a […]

What is a Zombie? Part Three: Toxic Zombie

The Toxic Zombie These are the guys in which the Zombie Parody was born. These are the guys that roam around muttering things like “brrraaaiiiinnnnsss”, and “send more brains”, and “get the damn screwdriver outta my head!”. The Toxic Zombie is something created from a government experiment gone wrong. Back in the late 50’s and […]

What is a Zombie? Part Two: Voodoo Zombie

The Voodoo Zombie I know that in reading over the posts in this blog, and even the items in our shop, you can tell that a lot of what is written is in jest. However, I do need to stress that the Voodoo Zombie is very much real. Do you remember the movie that […]

What is a Zombie? Part One: Romero Zombie

This could be a long read folks…So I’m going to cut it down into smaller Parts for an easier read. In short I wanted to categorize what different types of zombies are out there so when you encounter one you know how to deal with the situation. There is the Romero zombie (as seen in […]