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This is the bite that the flea made.

My reaction to nature, told in the style of the old Mother Goose poem, “This is the house that Jack built.” I call it.. This is the bite that the flea made. This is the bite that the flea made. This is the tick That bit the bite that the flea made. This is the […]

Hand Made Vampire Stakes by ZombieMall

Here at ZombieMall, not only do we know zombies but we also know vampires! I started crafting hand made vampire stakes several years ago, using them mostly for cos-play and never really considered making them for anyone other than myself. That thought process is done and I’ve made several for others. In fact, they have […]

Ministry of Zombies Omega Man Desert Survival

Sean T. Page, Head of Ministry of Zombies – Author of the Haynes Zombie Survival Manual, Author of The Official Zombie Handbook (UK) , Author of War Against the Walking Dead, Author of MetaHorde, has run amok into the Sinai Desert. Why? The answer is pretty simple. Sean is a zombie survivalist. How many of […]

Blood Jam – the Smartest Stage Blood EVER

It’s not often that something comes across my desk that really blows my socks off.  I’ve seen pretty much everything in the horror industry.  Some of it has been flat out stupid, some of it pretty cool, some of it just okay, hell, I’ve even seen things that just simply cannot be unseen.  I understand […]

Smoked Zombie Brains

Smoked Zombie Brains is actually how I put together some smoked scallops wrapped in bacon. At one point I mention that I cooked the bacon a little before-hand because it won’t cook fully when smoked. It actually WILL cook fully when smoked, just not at the temperature ( 260°F ) or time ( about 45 […]

Zombies Vs. Vampires

In a historic battle Zombies vs Vampires, it seems that Zombies win. has absorbed all of the inventory of  We also are running their website, currently it is pointing back to Among the more interesting items is the all hand made wooden Vampire Stakes.  You gotta check these out! (just click the photo below […]

Noctimania Gothic Clothing (UK)

It seems is making some new friends across the pond! I got a pretty nifty email about a company over in the United Kingdom a few days ago. They are known as Noctimania Gothic Clothing. I had a look at their site and let me tell you, knowing they make all that by hand […]

Retractable Vampire Fangs

Are you a fan of True Blood?  Head over heals in love with Dracula?  Infatuated with that twisted (vampires don’t sparkle!) thing called Twi…  Twili…  bah, Twilight?  Just want to enjoy your LARP a bit more?  Then you gotta check this shit out! Can You Imagine having the ability to custom fit a pair of […]

Official Zombie University Diploma now at

Yep!  I’ve had LOTS of requests for these, and they are finally in stock! I have two versions, Regular and Deluxe.  What’s the difference?  Well, the Regular version has a highly detailed border, whereas the Deluxe version has an embossed foil edging.  The cost difference is $10.00 (because the Deluxe version costs ME more). Both […]

Alpha Promo Zombie

My buddy David over at told me about a couple of goodies on his site. He runs a promotional products company, has done stuff for Disney, Starbucks, Harris, Longdoggers, Imus (just don’t my zombies nappy headed zombies! they’s eat ya!), and more.  I think it’s pretty damn cool that he took the time to […]