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Zombie Euro-Style License Plate

This is another nifty item from Dave over at These are two more prototype European Style Vanity License Plates. They are attached to your vehicle with a frame (I’m still working out the details on those). These guys are made of the same sturdy aluminum as your standard US sized license plate and measure […]

Zombie Vanity Plate

Let the world know your affinity for the dead by proudly showing them your Zombie Vanity License Plate! I got this guy from my good friend, Dave, over at It’s a prototype, but I’m wanting to show you guys what I’ve got in the works. I’m still working out pricing, so stay tuned for […]

Rest your head.. If you Dare! is proud to unveil it’s newest item, the Zombie Pillow! Be wary when you let your head rest down on this brain biter! Let everyone around you know how fearless you are when you show ’em you are willing to risk sleeping with the undead! Pillow measures just over 15″x15″ with the inner picture […]

Your very own pet Zombie!

No, I’m not talking about the movie Fido here! I’m talking about you being able to adopt your very own Pet Zombie! It’s completely safe and chances are it will just sit in one place and not harm anyone. Pet Zombies are virtually harmless! We are still working out the kinks on them, the last […]