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Zombie Cars on the Highway

Part of my day to day job is to drive.  I’m a vendor to several different retail stores and I simply go from store to store, training them, helping them, and educating them on the new products that have come out.  Today my drive took e a short 100 miles North of the ZombieMall.  Close […]

Smoked Zombie Brains

Smoked Zombie Brains is actually how I put together some smoked scallops wrapped in bacon. At one point I mention that I cooked the bacon a little before-hand because it won’t cook fully when smoked. It actually WILL cook fully when smoked, just not at the temperature ( 260°F ) or time ( about 45 […]

Body Betrayal in the Zombie Apocalypse

In a world overrun by zombies, how would you do? Chances are, if you are reading this, you probably think your chances are pretty good. Yep, you have taken the “Can you survive the Zombie Apocalypse?” test on Facebook – multiple times, until you have obtained the perfect score. Yeah, you are ex-military and can […]

Zombies Vs. Vampires

In a historic battle Zombies vs Vampires, it seems that Zombies win. has absorbed all of the inventory of  We also are running their website, currently it is pointing back to Among the more interesting items is the all hand made wooden Vampire Stakes.  You gotta check these out! (just click the photo below […]

Noctimania Gothic Clothing (UK)

It seems is making some new friends across the pond! I got a pretty nifty email about a company over in the United Kingdom a few days ago. They are known as Noctimania Gothic Clothing. I had a look at their site and let me tell you, knowing they make all that by hand […]

Retractable Vampire Fangs

Are you a fan of True Blood?  Head over heals in love with Dracula?  Infatuated with that twisted (vampires don’t sparkle!) thing called Twi…  Twili…  bah, Twilight?  Just want to enjoy your LARP a bit more?  Then you gotta check this shit out! Can You Imagine having the ability to custom fit a pair of […]

Sheldon S. Higdon’s Obituary

What would be your final words?  What would those who come after you have to say about your actions in life? Sheldon S. Higdon has decided that while he is still among the living to cite what his final words will be.  He calls it The Obituary of Sheldon S. Higdon.  Here’s the rundown directly […]

Official Zombie University Diploma now at

Yep!  I’ve had LOTS of requests for these, and they are finally in stock! I have two versions, Regular and Deluxe.  What’s the difference?  Well, the Regular version has a highly detailed border, whereas the Deluxe version has an embossed foil edging.  The cost difference is $10.00 (because the Deluxe version costs ME more). Both […]

Brian Hardin on IMDB with “A Bad Day” movie

It’s taken about 5 years to get listed, but I am now officially listed on IMDB (that’s Internet Movie Data Base for those of you not in the know).  The movie (actually a short that runs about 12 minutes long) A Bad Day was something I wrote as a short story many years ago, I think […]

Swine Flu vs. Zombie Virus

The recent scare of H1N1, also known as the Swine Flu, has many people concerned, not just in terms of health, but also in terms of what the future holds.  Many of the zombie enthusiasts are keeping a close eye on this pandemic for any signs of the Zombie Virus.  Let’s examine what is going […]