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Two FREE Zombie Stickers!

UPDATE: DECEMBER 11, 2013 Peace and LOVE, Peace and LOVE! Let it be known that we are now OUT of free stickers. Providing these stickers to everyone has been great fun for us, but also quite expensive. Since this post in 2008, we have shipped out just over 30,000 stickers (breaks down to about 6,000 […]

Zombie Fish?

Is this a Zombie Fish? Nah, it’s just a dead and… moldy… fish. A plecostomus from the looks of it. I was in my local Wal-Mart today and saw this. Well, my daughter saw it, asked me, “Daddy, what kind of fish is that?” She is 3 and a half years old. The strange part […]

Zombie Breakout?

Saturday, June 14th, 2008. So here we are, the wife is in the passenger-seat, daughter is sleeping in the carseat in the back, and I’m driving East on Highway 67/167 almost to Bald Knob, Arkansas. We are heading north to visit family for Father’s Day weekend. I’ve just finished off my drink and notice up […]

The Dead have a Voice

Well, okay, so they don’t have a voice persay…  But here on the Zombie Mall Blog there will be many a topic devoted to those shambling mounds we call Zombies.  Zombies, those facinating creatures that wander around in search of flesh.  Yeah, this site will be for mature audiences only…