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Zombies in the Cold & How the Work: 4 Survival Tips

Zombie tips and Cold Temperatures. I realize the sound of the car is loud, I’m trying to figure out how to fix that with this new camera (gopro hero3+) while still being able to maintain a decent loudness for my vocals.

Zombie Advice on Ice

Just a small bit of advice for you Zombie Apocalypsers out there during the winter season. Sometimes I like to take walks and on this particular day I got to thinking about zombies and snow. This is the result.

Zombie Talk, Over Ice

Just a short random musing over Ice about Zombies. To most, it won’t make any sense. And, yes, it is dark. Was shooting for some artsy lighting effects. It didn’t work out quite as planned..

Zombie Hunt Podcast

This is what happens when I get bored while driving… Not the best production out there, but hey, I spent the time doing it, now you gotta listen… [display_podcast]

What is a Zombie? Verbal Addendum 1

Are you a zombie? Listen to our ZombieCast to find out!

Transformation of a Zombie?

I got sick. I had fear flash within my body. I was sure something was about to happen. Listen to my tale…