Dead Things Audio Stories by DM Fitzgerald

Going back to my youth (but I promise you I’m not old) I always enjoyed listening to radio shows.  It was kindav like reading, but different.  What I really liked about listening was leaning back with some headphones on, closing my eyes, and visually imagining what was going on.  I’ve always gotten a kick out of that.

The first in depth radio show that I got really interested in was produced by ZBS Radio and was presented as The Fourth Tower of Inverness, The Continuing Adventures of Jack Flanders.  Jack was also featured in several other radio shows by ZBS, Dreams of India, Midnight at the Casa Luna, among others.

From there a one-hit-wonder came out in the early 80’s from a group called 2-Nu.  You probably remember the “song” called Ponderous (This is ponderous man, really ponderous..).  The entire album was essentially 3 or 4 minute stories set to music.  I was insane for this kind of thing.  I loved it!

Over the years there were a few more of these mish-mash of radio show/music story tales that would pop up, but they just didn’t really capture my imagination like Jack Flanders did.

Then in 2007 I was introduced to Michael Arnzen and his “spoken narrative” CD Audio Vile.  I was totally blown away, as evident of my interview with him.

Okay, so what does all of this have to do the title of this article, Dead Things Audio Stories bu DM Fitzgerald?

All of what was written above was simply an introduction to the newest thing to blow me away.  Over the next few weeks I am going to present to you a new world of zombie.  I don’t want to put all of my cards onto the table in one post, but I will show you the full hand during the month of April (and I may spill a little more info at the end of this article).

For now, I want to present to you Dead Things Audio Stories.

First, allow me to go off onto a small tangent.  Dead Things is a board game.  A zombie board game.

What?  Did you think I was going to post a big topic like this about a game where you buy up property and charge rent?  Hell no!

Dead Things is a board game, but that’s not the focus of this article.  No (but don’t worry, you’ll get an article on that soon enough).

What is the focus is Audio Stories.

Audio Stories is an introduction to the board game, Dead Things.  It’s a radio show that introduces you to the idea within the game.  It’s the game world setup.  Not a ‘how to’, mind you, but rather a tale that explains what’s going on.

DM Fitzgerald wrote Dead Things: The Trophy.  It starts off as a rescue mission and explains right off the bat that zombies are already a thing.  There are two parts to this tale, each one running right at 6 minutes.

New episodes are scheduled to be released around the 15th of each month (which means a new one should be out soon!).  I’ve been told that episodes 3 through 8 will provide to you character introductions and why they are in the game, and why they fight the way they fight.

I want to pause here a moment to let you reflect on that.  Future episodes will go into the story of the characters within the game.  How effing cool is that?

Talk about immersive!

Okay, enough of my blathering.  Wanna give these Audio Stories a listen?

Pop on your best headphones and give them a listen!

Dead Things: The Trophy (part 1)


Dead Things: The Trophy (part 2)


The 3rd story, A Small Deposit, should be out within a few days.  I’m excited, if you can’t tell, and am greatly looking forward to these tales.  There is something about this format that really gets my creative juices flowing..

Okay, so here is the plan..  At some point next week I will give a full review (and a freaking video!) of the game itself (Dead Things).  I literally just got the game in the mail mere moments before I started writing this sentence, and let me tell you.. it looks AWESOME.

I am also looking to get the expansion deck and will do an article on that as well.

To top things off, towards the end of the month I am trying to set up an interview with the creator of the game, DM Fitzgerald to go up onto my podcast over on!

Hell, let’s just call the month of April my Dead Things month!

To check out the official website check out: (more on that game next week!)

Also, if you want to connect with them:

Hit their Facebook page: DeadThingsGame Facebook


Find them live (er.. dead…) on Twitter: DeadThingsGame Twitter



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