Dead Things Board Game ZombieMall Scenario

For a couple of posts now, I’ve been posting about this cool new game, Dead Things, that I have been playing.

A day or so ago we decided to tailor the game to reflect ZombieMall.  That is, we came up with our own scenario, which is one of the kick-ass elements of this game; you don’t have to play the same game each and every time!  You can easily change things up, move tiles around, add more zombies (or not have as many), have less cars, hell, the possibilities are endless.

Okay, so here is our scenario (you can also scroll to the bottom and watch my video of the scenario rules):

ZombieMall Scenario:

The board is set up using the following tiles:

Best Defense Guns

The Hair Apparem

Books! Books! Books!

Muy Muy Donuts

3 “alley” tiles

1 “parking” tile

Line them up as shown in the photo:


Note: I’ve turned the Donut shop so that the doors line up.  All of the doors are locked.

You will use only 1 car and it should be the one that is Gas, No Keys.

In this scenario, we are only using 3 players, although you can easily alter it to have more or less.  Whichever character is not used is considered dead and that character token should be placed in an empty building.  The living characters always start off in the Gun Shop.

Normally Stuff Tokens would be placed on the Stuff Squares, but in this scenario they are instead placed around the dead characters.  You cannot use your turn to search and reveal all the stuff.  For example, if you run across Clyde’s dead corpse and it has 3 Stuff Tokens, then that would take 3 turns to reveal what is there.

Here’s where it gets fun…

At the beginning of each Phase beyond 0 (in other words, at the beginning of Phase 1, the beginning of Phase 2, etc.) One fallen character will reanimate and come after you!  They can move the same as living characters, 3 squares, and they will remove 2 Luck Tokens.  Yep, there is the potential for an instant death!  Just pray you are not in the middle of searching when you turn over that End Turn card!

In this scenario, you will not use the Gas Token (because we already know the car has gas in it).

If you find the Keys -1 Luck token, that’s too bad.  That’s the wrong key to start the car.  Perhaps instead those keys will open a locked door to one of the buildings.  The only key that will start the car is on the token simply called Keys.

The board starts with 5 zombies outside, placed on random refuse squares, and 5 zombies inside, placed close to the fallen characters.

Victory Conditions: Find the keys and drive away!


Now for the video explanation:

Enjoy the Scenario and have fun playing the game!

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  1. DMFitzgerald says:


    This is a great expansion for Dead Things. I look forward to seeing how this expanded game plays. Thank you for showing another side of the game that I didn’t see.



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