Death Wish Coffee a review

I like coffee.  A lot.

I ran across this new kind of coffee company while cruising on Facebook.

They call themselves Death Wish Coffee.  I had to have it just based on the name alone.

Why do they call it Death Wish Coffee?  Well.. they advertise that it contains roughly 200% more caffeine than any other coffee out there.  I had to put it to the test for myself.

Check out my video review:


I shot this video a few days ago, since then I’ve had several cups of this Death Wish Coffee.  I wanted to give it time to “sink in” before I started writing about it.

1st the taste:  This stuff is super smooth.  There is zero bitter aftertaste, no burnt coffee flavor, nothing bad about it at all.

2nd the caffeine: No jitters, but I can certainly tell that I’ve got a bit of a kick of energy after drinking this coffee.  1 cup is really all it takes.

(a few days later)

3rd iced coffee:  okay, let me explain something..  I like my coffee cold, over ice.  I simply feel that if you are going to drink coffee it’s for the caffeine, unless you are one of those that drinks that decaf stuff – but I digress.  Cold-iced-coffee.  When you drink coffee hot, you usually don’t gulp it down.  that means you sip it.  That means that the caffeine seeps into your body a little sip at a time, over the course of however long it takes for you to, well, sip it.  With iced coffee you can drink it all down in less than 5 minutes.  What’s that gonna do?  It’s gonna infuse that caffeine into your system FAST.  My problem is… your typical iced coffee… say a caramel macchiato for example, uses a shot of espresso.  When I make mine, I use 3 shots of espresso.  I’m not even going to go into the math to determine how much caffeine I just drank down.  But holy crap, the dishes are done, the dog has had a bath, the zombies have been dispatched, the corn has been planted, and I’ve resoled my shoes.

Here at ZombieMall, we like this stuff.  It’s got a fantastic taste, it’s smooth as silk, and it helps us get the damn job done!

NOW.. if only I can talk Death Wish Coffee into making a new strain of coffee and calling it:

Zombie Mall Coffee  :  It’s Strong Enough to Wake the Dead!

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2 Responses to “Death Wish Coffee a review”

  1. Sheri Lobb says:

    I love iced coffee ! That’s how I drink it most of the time. I’d like to come by and try it sometime soon (before you run out lol )

  2. ZombieMall says:

    You are welcome to come by any time to try some! Sadly.. I just finished off the last of my iced coffee. BUT! All hope is not lost! I’ll be making up another batch of iced coffee to take me through the weekend, so come by any time this weekend, I’ll have LOTS!

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