Hell’s Castaway – Poetry by Howard Boling – a review

Howard Boling is a friend from way back. Warhammer 40k, rolling dice, painting miniatures, and general bullshitting is what we had in common… at first.

I discovered he was a wrestler (yes, what you guys call “fake” wrestling – but there is nothing fake about it) and kick-boxing. Occasionally we would spar; his favorite technique was to kick my shins until I could no longer stand. Come to think of it… I don’t think that I ever actually landed a single kick or punch on him…

That was always okay, I never wanted anyone to let me win. I wanted to win because I was better than the person I was going up against. In this instance, he was the teacher, I was but the learner.

A few months back I learned that Howard had published a book. I had no clue what it was about (at that time), I just knew that I wanted a copy because I figured that he could, once again, teach me something.

What I got in the mail was both a lesson and a book.

Hell’s Castaway by Howard Boling.


Within is not a tale of fiction, oh no. It is very much real.

As I read page after page, I realized that Howard was once again teaching me a lesson. Again he was the teacher and I was the student.

What did he teach me? It breaks down like this…

Hell’s Castaway is a book of poetry. It is dark and it is full of pain, and it is from the heart. That is what I learned, Howard had pain in his life, just as I had in mine. I never knew of this torture within him when I met him all those years ago.

I am sure we all have days that we just want things to stop, but we move on. We have hope that things will get better. That is what Howard taught me after all these years. No, not to have hope, but that others out there suffer just as I had, that there are others out there that were just like me.

I’ll let Howard’s words sum up my final thought:



You can purchase Howard’s book at Amazon.com here: Hell’s Castaway by Howard Boling

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  1. Howard Boling says:

    Thank you for the review, old friend.

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