Horror Block December 2015 Unboxing

First off, I have a gripe about Horror Block.  Supposedly what I am reviewing today is the December 2015 Horror Block.  As you can tell this is being posted on January 6th 2016.  Yes, they do ship it out in December, but still…  It just seems to me to be a bit of wasted marketing.  If they are targeting it for that specific month and are basing it’s theme according to the month, by the time we get these, then the month in which it is supposed to reflect is already over…  Anywho…  If I had to guess, I’d suspect that the delay has everything to do with the issue of Rue Morgue Magazine that is included in each box.. so.. I’ll jump off my soapbox now.

Horror Block touts to cram over $60.00 value into a $20.00 box.  We shall see.  I’ll break down each item and list what one can find it for price wise online.

Let’s check it out!


Wes Craven Tribute T-Shirt:

This is pretty cool.  We have monsters from Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, The Hills Have Eyes,  Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and more.

Value: $15.00 (compared to other sites selling similar themed horror tshirts)


Rue Morgue Magazine Issue 163:


I love the magazine, and there is not a book store within 150 miles of me that even carries magazines anymore! WTF!!!  Anyways, I could always subscribe direct with Rue Morgue and it would cost me roughly $6.80 an issue.  As it is, however, the cover price (and what you would pay in the book store) is a little higher.

Value: $9.95


Freddy Krueger Plush:


He measures just shy of 8″ tall.  His claw is fabric, and is a Horror Block Exclusive.  Doesn’t really do anything else, it’s just a plush toy.

Value: $10.00 (based on other similar style horror plush toys found online)


Zombie Hula Girl:


This little hula zombie girl is really cool.  She hula’s back and forth just like the old 60’s version.

Value: $8.00 (based on similar hula sized dash toys found online)


Daryl Dixon Keychain:


From Funko Pop! (and we LOVE Funko’s products here at ZombieMall) is a small keychain of The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon.  He doesn’t have his crossbow on him (maybe Dwight has it), He DOES have his crossbow on his back, but it’s super small (I didn’t see it at first) and a small sticker states that this is a Horror Block Exclusive.  It’s the same figure, pose and look, as you would find normally, but this exclusive version has flecks of blood on him as if he has recently killed a zombie.

Value: $6.00 (based on the same figure found on other sites like Amazon, Hastings, etc)


Cthulhu vs Godzilla Art:


This is a 7″ x 10.5″ thin cardboard print of two titans battling it out.  Both come from the sea, but who will win?  The artist is Paul Hanley and this has a date of 2012 on it.  I’m pretty sure Paul blitzed this across Deviant Art but it’s still VERY cool to see artists works in my hand rather than online.

Value: $10.00 (while I can’t find this exact print online for SALE I did find similar for about ten bucks)


Overview Card:

This card explains the overview of everything in the box.

Value: $0.00


Sneak Preview Card:

This card tells that we can expect something from Carrie, something from Possessed, next issue of Rue Morgue, and more in the next Horror Block.

Value: $0.00


Earn Cash Card:

This card just tells you that if you talk others into subscribing to any of the various Nerd Block subscription boxes, then for each one that signs up you will get $5.00 to go towards your next box.

Value: $0.00


To Recap:

Shirt: $15.00

Magazine: $9.95

Plush: $10.00

Hula Girl: $8.00

Daryl: $6.00

Art: $10.00

Total Value: $58.95

$58.95 hits pretty damn close to the $60.00 they claim to cram into the box!  Thumbs up for me!  I may not be too excited for everything in this box, but there is some cool stuff in it.

You can also check out my unboxing video of this box over on youtube (or right here):

While I don’t exactly care too much for whatever the Carrie item is going to be in next month’s (it had best not be a damn tampon either!) I am looking forward to the box just the same.



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2 Responses to “Horror Block December 2015 Unboxing”

  1. Nicole says:

    Actually, the shirt comes from ShirtPunch and its retail value is $10. Horror Block had it’s ups and downs, I definitely don’t think we get $60 value (and paying $9 extra for shipping sucks) but the shirts are always so cool that I can’t unsubscribe. The Hula Girl was really cool, but I ended using it as swap fodder on MYSUBSCRIPTIONADDICTION for something even cooler.

  2. ZombieMall says:

    I went to ShirtPunch’s site and the lowest cost shirt they had (not counting the Deal of the day) was $19.99, which I just can’t see paying for a t-shirt. I agree with your assessment that it’s retail value should be about $10.00, I’m just listing what I’ve seen prices at for similar style shirts on other sites.

    I agree too that I don’t think there is an instant $60.00 value and yup, that $9.00 for shipping SUCKS big time.


    The magazine subscription is cool. Yeah, I could go direct and get it for about $7.00 an issue, but the retail price on it is $9.95 (so you have to factor that into the price of the box itself). Shipping on the box is about $9.00 (on top of the $20.00 you are already paying). Shipping is shipping, can’t get around that. So really, when you look at all the other stuff in the box it certainly adds up to over $10.00 of fun. Not to mention it’s instant birthday gift and holiday gift fodder for family members and friends that are also into horror (talking about the crap that I don’t care about that is in the box). THAT is the real value in my opinion.

    Also, just curious, what did you end up swapping it out for?

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