Horror Block January 2016 Unboxing

Has it really been a month since I posted something on here?  EEK!  I need to get on top of that!

Okay, so here we go, we have a new Horror Block to unbox and review!

This time it is January 2016’s block, and I still have my main complaint, it’s February 2nd when I got the bloody box!  Okay, not really so much of a complaint as it is that I just don’t quite understand why they call it that.  Seems to me it would make more sense to call it February’s Horror Block.. but I digress..

You guys know the drill, Horror Block touts to cram over $60.00 value into a $20.00 box.  We shall see.  I’ll break down each item and list what one can find it for price wise online.

Let’s check it out!


They Live T-Shirt:


This month is John Carpenter’s birthday month (January 16, 1948) and this shirt was distributed to celebrate what he as done for the horror industry.

Value: $15.00 (compared to other sites selling similar themed horror tshirts)

Creepy Baby Doll Head:


There is a very popular baby doll called Baby Alive. I am aware of it, but I don’t know too terribly much about it, I think those dolls piss and shit or something.  Anyways, this one is playfully named Baby Eat You Alive.  It is also a Horror Block Exclusive item. This is pretty cool and even thought it’s just a piece of plastic, I think I’ll call it Casey.

Value: $10.00 (based on similar sized baby doll heads found online – and holy hell just plain ones are creepy when you see them all nested together in google images!)

Gravestone Phone Holder:


Another Horror Block exclusive, this is a neat item, but it has some balance issues.  It held my iTouch just fine, but when I placed my slightly heavier cell phone in it, it kept wanting to topple forward, a crafty person could probably cut open the tombstone and add some weight to it.  This plastic holder has a hole in the bottom for the charge cable and it can stay well hidden.  The only issue I have is the hand and flower are really obtrusive and if I get a text or call I can’t just swipe to respond as the hand and flower are kindav in the way.

Value: $10.00 (based on similar plastic phone holders found online)

Meat Cleaver Keychain:


Another Horror Block exclusive, this is a small zinc plated keychain in the form of a meat clever.  A meat cleaver is almost the very definition of horror! This item was made by PennyRoyal Studio (and they make some high-end stuff usually out of gold or silver).

Value: $10.00 (based on several of similar styles found online)

Carrie Film Cell Bookmark:


Film Cell stills were HUGELY popular from about the mid 80’s to the late 90’s.  Somewhere I still have some from Star Trek, Star Wars, X-Files, and a few other lesser known movies.. Now I can add one from Carrie to my collection!  I’d be REALLY interested to see all the variations of this that other Horror Block subscribers got.

Value: $6.00 (there is someone on Etsy right now selling these so my value is based on that – I’d love to know how they got access to all these film cells!)

Blood in Four Colors Rue Morgue:


This month, instead of the latest issue of Rue Morgue Magazine, we received Blood in Four Colors, a graphic history of horror comics.  Listen, screw being disappointed in getting the magazine this month, this sucker is mega-wicked-cool!  It’s a massive 130 pages, so it’s a good thing I’ve got a Carrie book mark!  Now, if you REALLY want your magazine fix… check out the Overview Card…

Value: $14.95 (’cause it says so right on the cover)

Overview & Preview Card:


Overview Card:

This card explains the overview of everything in the box.  But look closer!  It also tells us that we can grab a complimentary edition of SCREAM Magaine!  That means, FREE!

Value: $9.00 (I kindav have to value this at 9 bucks because of the Scream Magazine – that’s how much it would cost to get it otherwise)

Sneak Preview Card:

This card tells that we can expect something from Walking Dead, the next issue of Rue Morgue and more in the next Horror Block.

Value: $0.00


To Recap:

Shirt: $15.00

Casey Doll Head: $10.00

Gravestone Cell Holder: $10.00

Meat Cleaver Keychain: $10.00

Carrie Film Cell Bookmark: $6.00

Blood in Four Colors Mag: $14.95

Scream Magazine Digital Copy: $8.99

Total Value: $74.94

$74.94 hits a fair amount over the $60.00 they claim to cram into the box!  Two Thumbs up for me!  I may not be too excited for everything in this box, but there is some cool stuff in it.

You can also check out my unboxing video of this box over on youtube (or right here):

In closing, when I saw in last month’s Horror Block that we were going to get something from Carrie, I mentioned that I didn’t exactly care.  Okay, I admit, I was wrong.  The bookmark was really cool!  I’ll have some fun with this baby doll head, and the cell phone holder (after some tweaking) will be pretty cool too.  I’m already looking forward to the next Crate!

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