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I’ve been in the realm of horror for a very long time. I really can’t recall the 1st horror movie I saw, although if I had to guess it was probably a classic like The Creeping Flesh or The Blob (original), possibly even The Exorcist. I was born in 1973, the same year that The Exorcist came out (and no.. I didn’t see it the year I was born), but I know that by the time I hit 9th grade I had seen it.
I’ve also seen many a horror websites come and go. Some have been great sites, others not so much.
What I have never been able to understand is why the ones that went.. went.
I established ZombieMall.com in 2006. I currently have it registered through to the year 2020. Yep, I’ve got a vision for this beast. And guess what? Once it gets close to time for this puppy to expire, I’m going to renew it for another long length of years. I’m in this trench for the long haul.
Perhaps the others lacked the passion? Mayhaps they lacked the budget to keep their sites running (although I can’t see that really, I mean.. $15.00 a month for hosting a website and $15.00 a year for registration if you go yearly – c’mon that’s cheap!). Either way, I never understood why some sites just up and disappeared.

Dude, what the hell is your point? Your title says Horror Geeks Magazine. Tell us about that already!

Yes, yes, you are quite correct. In an effort to get to the “meat” of the article, I needed to paint a little bit of a back drop.

Okay, it breaks down like this: ZombieMall.com has always been a site that I use to promote others in the horror genre. We have had grand opportunities to interview various people in the horror community; from authors, artists, and directors, to musicians, clothing designers, and comic book writers. Their works have been a blast to review and share with our readers.

You are getting off track again. Horror Geeks Magazine? Have you forgotten about that?

No, no, no, I’ve not forgotten. I’m done painting the back drop, now I’m ready for you to feast upon the flesh.

Horror Geeks Magazine is the newest horror mag out there. Only 3 weeks old at the time of this article being written, and already it’s website has had over 4,000 visitors.
This is where I pull the Saw tie-together of everything I wrote above (go ahead and queue up Hello Zepp, I’ll wait… got it? okay, here goes…)
I want Horror Geeks Magazine to stay around for a LONG time. I believe in what they believe in; bringing horror fans great information about horror.
I do not want this site to be a phantom ghost in a year or two.
It’s a FREE online magazine and that’s a great price at any price for the amount of rich content they already have.
Visit the site, give it your love and support, and help spread the virus word.

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