Maggie – a Zombie Blu-Ray Review

As the name of my site indicates, we like zombies.  When I heard that Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to be in a zombie flick, I thought to myself.. really?  How is that going to work?  I figured it was going to be a big budget action shoot-em-up kind of movie.  Slowly, more details came in about the movie Maggie.

It also stars Abigail Breslin (from M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs and another zombie movie called ZombieLand) as Arnold’s daughter.

It came out with a very limited release in theaters and I never had the opportunity to see it.  Upon it’s Blu-Ray release, I jumped at the chance to review it, and thus… I present to you… my review of Maggie:


Maggie is most certainly not an action packed movie.  This is quite the opposite of anything you may expect from Arnold.  It’s drama plain and simple.  The over all story is not complicated in any way.  It’s about a dad (Arnold) whose daughter (Abigail) is bitten by a zombie and over what seems to be a two week period, shows how she slowly turns into one.  The movie focuses on Arnold and his take on what is going on.

From a cinematic view it’s beautifully shot.  The colors everywhere are toned down to give it a more “dreadful” feel.  It clocks in at just over an hour and a half and you feel every moment.  That’s another way of saying that this movie is slow.  Really slow.  I mean even slower than that.  There is not much dialog and there are slow moving shots of random backgrounds (the sky, woods, burning fields).  All of these shots, I suppose, are to set up the bleak world setting.

There are LOTS of close up shots of faces.  Tight shots, as they call it, which almost detracts from the movie itself.  I get that they are trying to establish character development and emotions through tight silent shots, but I feel they went overboard here.

Zombies are not a main focus here.  Yes, there are some peppered throughout, but they are there really just to show the disease itself.  More on my thoughts about this at the bottom of the post.

The soundtrack is haunting and calming at the same time.  There are no “jump out and go boo!” suspense moments, no spiked music as a cat jumps into frame, it’s just a nice movement of music complimenting the scenes.

The acting is great on all parts.  My biggest hang up with Maggie is how slow the movie was.  That hour and a half felt like three.

Blu-Ray Extras:

Director Commentary – I’ve not watched this yet.  I’ll have to get myself into a slow moving mood before I can try.

Making Maggie Featurette – This was pretty neat, had a few interview segments and showed behinds the scenes elements.

Deleted Scene – just a short two minute deleted scene between Wade (Arnold) and his wife.  This actually should have been included in the movie itself as it explained that Abigail’s mom in this film was actually her step-mom.

Cast/Crew Interviews – good material here for those interested.  Interviews are of the director (Henry Hobson), the writer (John Scott III), Arnold, Abigail, and Joley Richardson (plays the step-mom).

Trailer Gallery – Shows the movie trailer

All in all, this movie is fine.  It is not a must see from a zombie enthusiast’s perspective, but the way it all played out is beyond fascinating.

Earlier I mentioned about my thoughts about the element of Zombie in this movie.  I really feel you could have easily exchanged this zombie virus for something else, such as cancer, aids, or even old age and you would have had the exact same movie.  At the end of the movie, the zombie element is just not important to the story.  It’s more about loss and watching a loved one degenerate before you.

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