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Have you ever read a comic where you can actually watch the Superhero go from regular person to Superhero status?  Yeah, you may know the story; Spiderman, Superman, Batman, and the like, but have you ever been able to go back and read the very first issues without knowing what was going to happen next and be able to take the journey right alongside them?

How about watching the regular person turn into a Villain?

What about getting in on the comic so early that you really have no way of knowing which path this regular person is going to take as he discovers his powers?

All of that is a rare thing to be able to do these days.  Comics today, in general, don’t do very well in the mass market unless it has a multi-million dollar movie attached to it.  Years ago, think mid-70’s here, comic books were the thing to spend your loose change on.  Even into the mid-80’s  comics were going very strong, but it was the beginning of the decline for the smaller press publications.

It is a smaller press publication that I want to talk about today; Boom! Studios.

Don’t get me wrong, they are by no means unheard of.  They have, after all, published such comics as Adventure Time, Garfield, Hellraiser, Planet of the Apes, 28 Days Later, among others.  They also are the ones to publish Polarity.


Polarity is going up in value!  It’s only been out for a few months and already issue #1 is going for about $80 bucks!  Albeit that’s for the limited edition cover version, but still that’s pretty damn good considering it’s only been out for a few months and was $3.99 to start with!

What makes it so collectible?

For one, it’s written by Max Bemis.  Yeah, that’s right, Max Bemis.  The frontman for the band Say Anything (which is a cool element as Max already has some built in followers – which pretty much guarantees sales of the comic).

For two, Boom! Studios has great marketing for their comics and almost always produce variant covers for each issue, and in some cases they make some very limited edition covers.

For three, Jorge Coelho does the artwork.  I say that as though I am knowledgeable about this guy, but really I’m not.  He’s damn good, I can tell you that.  I just don’t know much else about him except that he is not the basketball player of the same name from Portugal.  Though he is from Portugal.

For Four, it’s limited to 4 issues.


Enough banter!  What’s Polarity all about?

Directly from Boom!’s website:

Timothy Woods is a bipolar artist stuck in the world of hipsters, meaningless sex, and vain art — better known as Brooklyn. But after he survives a near fatal car accident, Timothy discovers that his mental instability is more than just a disorder, and that his bipolar medication hasn’t just been subduing depression and uncontrollable mania…it’s been suppressing his super powers! Now it’s time for Timothy to stand up to his disease alongside an onslaught of wretched human villainy as he finally finds his place in the world. Each issue comes with a free download for a new original song written and performed by Max Bemis!”

Fans of Say Anything can also find a few Easter Eggs within the pages of Polarity as well.  That’s not to say that the comic is a direct read along to Say Anything’s songs, it’s not.  There are similar themes that run throughout both the songs and the comic, however.

Variant cover art is probably what makes this most fun (well aside from the story within).

Issue 1 of Polarity came out in April and has 3 variant covers and 1 second edition printing.

Issue 2 of Polarity came out in May and has 2 variant covers.

Issue 3 of Polarity came out in June and has 2 variant covers.

Issue 4 of Polarity is due out in July and will have 2 variant covers.

Those are just the variant covers from Boom!  Hastings has exclusive variant covers, there is a 1st print Special Edition variant (both in full color and in black and white), Retailer Incentive variants (also known as Virgin Variants – they show just the artwork on the cover and have no text to indicate what it is), it’s insane how many variants there are for a 4 issue comic!

I was given Issues 1 and 2 by a friend who told me that these would be right up my alley.  He was 100% correct, I love em!  And now like the manic obsessive person I am, I must own all variants of this comic (gee.. thanks Charles).

Head out to your local Comic Shop today (always support your local place first), and if they don’t have it, good luck, it’s selling fast everywhere!

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You can pick up issue 1 (but you better hurry while they are still in stock!) here:

POLARITY TP VOL 01 (Polarity (Boom Studios))

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