Ministry of Zombies Omega Man Desert Survival

Sean T. Page, Head of Ministry of Zombies – Author of the Haynes Zombie Survival Manual, Author of The Official Zombie Handbook (UK) , Author of War Against the Walking Dead, Author of MetaHorde, has run amok into the Sinai Desert. Why? The answer is pretty simple. Sean is a zombie survivalist. How many of you claim to be the same? Yes, I’m sure you have your gun loaded (your first mistake – guns are loud and attract more zombies), you probably have your water pellets on standby, and you probably have a “safe zone” that you think is zombie proof (your last mistake, nothing is zombie proof).

Sean, however, is the real deal. This guy seeks out places and situations and actively pits his body and mental prowess against the elements and surroundings in order to survive. Yes, they are lacking in zombies, but make no mistake here, he will have the one up on everyone because he is living the survival, not just thinking about how to.

About a year ago (the week of May 12th, 2013) he survived alone in a Cold War Bunker for 5 days. You can read his blog about it here (and watch some videos): Omega Man Blog

This year, he has travelled to the Sinai Desert for his 2nd Omega Man Blog.

Originally I wanted to wait for all of the videos to be posted, but as you guys know, sometimes I just cannot contain my secrets.

To check out what he has posted so far, check these out:

Omega Man Desert Survival Blog 1 – The Sinai ( a quick overview of what Sean is doing )

Omega Man Desert Survival Blog 2 – The Bedouin ( Sean acclimating to the environment and a tour of his base camp, as well as mentions of several apocalyptic survival locations )

Omega Man Desert Survival Blog – Mental Dancing! ( sometimes you simply have to keep your mind active to survive – those that watched the 1st Omega Man Blog will get this reference too)

Omega Man Desert Survival Blog 3 – Mount Sinai ( near the top of the mountain – just watch out for donkeys )

Omega Man Desert Survival Blog – An Oasis ( desert dryness, when you find water in the desert – drink it )

Omega Man Desert Survival Blog 4 – Ibrahims Garden ( dragonflies, moving plants, and true survival in the desert )

Omega Man Desert Survival Blog 5 – Camp Bastion ( how in the hell do you build a fire without any wood? ..and macaroni tea? )

Omega Man Desert Survival Blog – Haunted Ruins ( amazing views )

Omega Man Desert Survival Blog 6 – Desert Dawn ( sunrise, cold nights, flies, and an unnerving fortress )

Omega Man Desert Survival Blog 7 – 7 Days Later ( cooperation )

I hope you enjoyed the tour as I did!

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