Necrotic Tissue Magazine Issue 7 – Review

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I enjoy reading horror and dark fiction. I’ve been a fan of the genre since before high-school, reading works by Stephen King, Clive Barker, and others. Recently I’ve been on a short story and flash fiction kick. Flash Fiction is something of a new concept for me, but I’m really digging it.

I recently did a review of Shroud Magazine and while in their forums I ran across a post raving about an online magazine called Necrotic Tissue. I found it quickly enough and found myself in a trance for the better part of about 3 days. They had on their site Issues 1 through 6. Up to Issue 6 everything was done in a digital format. Beginning with Issue 7, however, that all changed.

Necrotic Tissue #7

R. Scott McCoy, the Editor and Publisher of this magazine brought it to print and I am pleased as punch to say I have a copy in my hand. NT is a magazine for horror writers. It is issued out every two months, and a year’s subscription is merely $20.00. This puppy comes in at just over 100 pages, and like Shroud Magazine, you can read the spine!

This magazine has certainly fed my appetite for short horror fiction, but it has far from filled me. I hunger for more and anxiously await Issue 8. Yes, I subscribed, and yes, I submitted my own piece of flash fiction to the magazine (it is due to be in the January 2010 issue). Keep your eyes out for a piece called “Five or Six Feet Away…”

Aside from being the Editor and Publisher of Necrotic Tissue, R. Scott McCoy is also a writer and has been featured in Shroud Magazine’s most recent issue (Issue 6) and has also been a guest on’s radio show, The Funky Werepig. He has done much more, but for me to tell you about that you would have to join our secret society.

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