Nerdoh – Movie Inspired Clothing

While doing some Tweeting on Twitter.. (that just sounds so funny to me) I came across one of the people I was following: Nerdoh.

What is Nerdoh you ask?

A site that carries Premium Movie Inspired Clothing!

Oh you were finished?  Well, then allow me to retort!

This is not just some shitty site with hand me down threads you’d find at a yard sale, no sir!

You lookin for a Titty Twister T-Shirt?  They ooooh!  Wait a second, let me get into character..

We got white shirts, black shirts, horror shirts, comedy shirts, sci-fi shirts, action shirts, ladies fit shirts, hoodies, hats, accessories, and more!  If they don’t have it, you don’t want it! If you can find better shirts than that.. wear it!

Danny Trejo sporting a Titty Twister shirt!Danny Trejo sporting a Titty Twister Tee!

This place has more selection than I can shake a stick at!  We’re talkin Conan the Barbarian, Animal House, Monster Joe’s, Friday the 13th, From Dusk till Dawn (as seen above), Raiders of the Lost Ark, Batman, The Crow, hell I can go on and on!  Instead why don’t you just head on over and check em out!

They offer sizes from Small to XXL.  They also have a section for Special Offers.  In there you will find some Tees that are on discount as well as (shhh!  some secret links to their FaceBook page for a FREE drawing!).

Here is a blurb directly from their site:

Do you know the Titty Twister Bar? Mos Eisley Cantina? Maybe the Nostromo rings a bell? From The Big Kahuna Burger and Jack Rabbit Slims Diner made famous in Pulp Fiction to the Oscar nominated film about the adult movie industry – Boogie Nights with Jack Horner Productions (Making history on video tape). Shop Smart. Shop S-Mart – Bruce Campbell’s employer’s in Army of Darkness to Camp Crystal Lake where Jason Vorhees lurks. Stark Industries of Iron Man fame to the InGen Corporation who built Jurassic Park, Nerdoh creeps into the fictional realms of movie corporations, places and subtle references only the avid fan will know.

We also have quite a few famous personalities who like our subtle movie t-shirt designs. Jonathan Ross remarked that they were ‘cool shirts’, Tom Savini (actor and special effects guru) owns one of our From Dusk Till Dawn designs, Steve Niles (writer and graphic novelist of 30 Days of Night) has one in his wardrobe and super sexy actress,  Emily Booth cavorts in a Hellraiser skinny from time to time.

Nerdoh is based in the UK, but fear not!  They do ship to the US as well!  US Shipping is £3.50.  cryslakeAnd if you live in the UK they offer FREE UK Shipping!


I had a chance to ask Phil over there at Nerdoh some questions:

ZM: What was your inspiration for the site?

Phil: Inspiration for the site? I like movie (especially horror) and could never find anything subtle enough (Freddys Knife Glove or Jasons Mask is to in your face), so decided to design some of our own. And it grew!

ZM: How long have you guys been around?

Phil: We have been around 3 years.

ZM: Are these transfer prints or…?

Phil: The shirts are all done to the highest quality, so they arent the cheapest at all, but they will last and last – none of this transfer rubbish. We screenprint everything on Super Premium, thick Tees.

ZM: Where all are you guys at on the internet?

Phil: We have a Facebook/nerdoh fan page where people can win a t-shirt EVERY week! Check out our NEWS and T-shirt Blogs (links on the site) where we give further information about  competitions running on the net. Shows we are doing, TV/Films our tees have been seen on etc etc – This info also goes on our FB fan page.

All I can say is check this place out!

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  1. James Renner says:

    I’m loving the designs!

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