Necrotic Tissue Issue 9

Necrotic Tissue..  What can I say about this magazine that I’ve not said before?  For those not hanging on every post, you can check out my earlier mention of them here.  I’ll go on to add that R. Scott McCoy certainly has place into my hands something of a brilliant-portable-chunck of entertainment.  I love short fiction, especially horror, and Necrotic Tissue does not disappoint!

But (yeah, you are not supposed to start a sentence off with that word; ‘but’, but…) I’ve got a very personal connection with this specific issue.  If you avidly turn your copy to page 11 you will find a quaint little piece called Five or Six Feet Away.  I wrote that.  Yes, yes I did.  Look at me ma!  I’m a published writer now! I even have a shirt to prove it!  I’ve got the magazine neatly framed and hanging on the wall here in my office, brings a smile to my face each time I look at it.  But what’s more is it brings inspiration.  Mr. McCoy took a chance on me and he will never know what that has done for my self-esteem.  Okay, enough about me, back to the magazine itself.

This issue, issue 9, is chock full of great horror.

We’ve got zombies, the fear of God, wolves, psychopaths, ghosts, bloody monsters, and oh ever so much more.  Like I said, it’s chock full of fun horror!

If you are not already a subscriber, I highly recommend you grabbing one.  You can do so at the Necrotic Tissue Website.

NT is a Stygian Press publication.  Be sure to also keep an eye out for their first graphic novel, Bad Billy coming soon!

Until then, stay sane and stay scary!

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