Peckinpah: An UltraViolence Romance (Review)

As I mentioned in a previous post, Tim Deal from Shroud Publishing sent me a care package.  One of the books was Peckinpah: An UltraViolence Romance by D. Harlan Wilson.


I used a bandaid for a bookmark.  Split hogs abound, a broken clover, comPuter Cleaner, and a holographic name of Helen are but parts in this enigmatic book of prose.

Let me explain..  This is not a normal book.  Well, it is, in the terms that it has a cover, pages with writing on them, and all that jazz.  But it’s not a normal read.  It’s not exactly peotry, nor is it exactly a novel.  It’s something a bit in between.  Peckinpah embodies a tale of murder and violence and of course, romance.

Sit down with it, drink your coffee or chocolate milke, pick the sock-fuzz out from between your toes and then sit back and read.  You will not get up until it is finished.  I have to give this one a must read for any of your horror fans who are looking for something…  different.

But beware, your brain might not function the same once you close this book.

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