Retractable Vampire Fangs

Retractable Vampire Fangs : $12.00

Can You Imagine having the ability to custom fit a pair of vampire Fangs and to make them appear & disappear? We Did! Introducing the ZombieMall Retractable Vampire Fangs.



1. Custom Fit Them – Take your Retractable Fangs and drop them into a glass of hot water for a few minutes in order to soften the Dental Thermoplastic that is in the 2 tooth wells.

2. Carefully Remove the Fangs from the water and insert them into your mouth with the tooth wells (and the softened

3. Gently Bite Down and position the tooth wells onto your back molar and hold in place for few seconds while the Dental Thermoplastic hardens and forms a perfect fit to your teeth.

4. Remove the Fangs from your mouth and place them under cold running water to harden the Dental Thermoplastic. You now have a pair of custom fit Special FX Retractable Fangs.

5. Put the Fangs back into your mouth and attach them to your back molars. Now, using your TONGUE, move the Tongue Bar to RAISE & LOWER the fangs at your will! It’s that easy!

Just one word of warning, don’t drink anything red with these, unless you want them to turn pink.

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