Retractable Vampire Fangs

Are you a fan of True Blood?  Head over heals in love with Dracula?  Infatuated with that twisted (vampires don’t sparkle!) thing called Twi…  Twili…  bah, Twilight?  Just want to enjoy your LARP a bit more?  Then you gotta check this shit out!

Can You Imagine having the ability to custom fit a pair of vampire Fangs and to make them appear & disappear? We Did! Introducing the ZombieMall Retractable Vampire Fangs.

Check out the video:

You can also find that video on YouTube and you can purchase these Retractable Vampire Fangs on

Don’t forget, Halloween is just around the corner!

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One Response to “Retractable Vampire Fangs”

  1. MrOFlaherty says:

    These are really cool, Gotta get me a pair sometime

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