Shroud Magazine Issue 6 – Review

Words are a wonderful thing. They can be descriptive, they can tickle us and make us laugh, they can prick us and make us bleed, they can take us to far off lands, and ever so much more. I first discovered Shroud Publishing about 6 months ago when I was looking for a good horror magazine. Yeah, there are some good ones out there; Fangoria comes to mind, as does Horror Film Magazine, Rue Morgue is another. Don’t misunderstand me, these magazines are great in their own right, but I was looking for something a little different.

As I was searching Google I came across a publication called Shroud Magazine. I checked out their site, joined up in the forums, and started to fully explore what Shroud was all about. Tim Deal, the head guru (editor and publisher) over there is a super nice guy, and you can tell by talking to him he is in this for the passion of the genre. Horror is something many bookstores and other main-stream media houses don’t like to talk about. If it’s not Stephen King or Clive Barker, it’s not kept in stock.

What is Shroud Magazine?

Simply put, Shroud Magazine is a publication for horror writers. They accept submissions to be published in their magazine. It is published every two months, and they are currently on Issue 6.

Shroud Issue 6

Issue 6 is also something to be celebrated by Tim. It marks the first issue to be picked up by Ingram Periodicals for North American retail distribution through the Barnes & Noble retail chain.” It can also be found in Hastings.

I began an avid search of both bookstores in my area to find this magazine, and soon thereafter I signed up for a subscription. It was EXACTLY what I was looking for.

When I say this is a magazine, well, technically it is. But it’s more of a book. It comes in at a whopping 152 pages, contains over 20 stories, is full of book reviews and so much more. I mean seriously, I’ve read books that contain less content that this, and the cool part, when it’s on the book shelf, you can actually read the spine (this sucker is over a 1/4 inch thick! Not even the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue can boast that)!

Shroud Magainze is certainly something that was created for the fans of horror (Shroud broadens that by calling it ‘Dark Fiction’). I can honestly say that this is the first magazine that I have ever held in my hands in which I have read every page (and yes that also includes the ads within – even my ad for ZombieMall is in it woohoo!), and I am already thirsting for Shroud Magazine Issue 7.

If you are into horror and dark fiction, which if you are on this site there is a good chance you are, I highly recommend this magazine. It’s got tons of fiction, loads of book reviews, it talks a bit about film, has great interviews, and some very inspiring artwork to boot! Rush out to your local bookstore and ask them to stock Shroud Magazine. Feel free to subscribe, I did and I’m certainly happy because of it.

Stay Scary!

-Brian Hardin II

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  1. Lee Thompson says:

    Great post, Brian. Shroud kicks major ass. I’m reading issue 6 now and I’m blown away by the quality of the mag and the stories. Excellent. Lee

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