Swine Flu vs. Zombie Virus

The recent scare of H1N1, also known as the Swine Flu, has many people concerned, not just in terms of health, but also in terms of what the future holds.  Many of the zombie enthusiasts are keeping a close eye on this pandemic for any signs of the Zombie Virus. 

Let’s examine what is going on: 

This flu sprung up almost over night.

The President of the United States has pledged “great vigilance” in confronting this Swine Flu outbreak.

The World Health Organization has raised the worldwide pandemic alert level to Phase 5.

As of this writing outbreaks have happened in Mexico, the United States, Canada, Scotland, New Zealand, Spain, Britain, Germany, Austria, and Israel.

Symptoms include fever, cough, body aches, chills, and fatigue, as well as vomiting.

Infected people may exhibit symptoms between 1 and 7 days after contracting the virus. 


It is no surprise that Zombie watchers are keeping a close eye on this one.  Thankfully, there does appear to be hope with the Swine Flu.  The CDC has announced that the use of Oseltamivir or Zanamivir can be used as a treatment and/or preventative measure of infection for the Swine Flu.  No such treatment exists for the Zombie Virus, which is 100% fatal. 

Now, why is this important for the Zombie community?  Simply put, it’s a test run.  It’s an event to keep alert of for when the zombie virus does surface. 

For now we strongly urge you to keep in the know, be aware of what is going on around you, and understand that when the zombie virus does come about, it will more than likely happen exactly like this swine flu, only faster.


For now, let’s be thankful there are no reported cases of the Z1N1 virus.

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7 Responses to “Swine Flu vs. Zombie Virus”

  1. As another vigilant zombie researcher, I concur with your findings. My own preliminary take on the swine flu/zombie apocalypse can be found here: http://www.inevitablezombieapocalypse.com/2009/04/swine-flu-or-zombie-apocalypse/

  2. marie says:

    be wary of misinformation! these bastards will do anything to keep the truth contained.

  3. Nathan (The Lurkr of Lank) says:

    I lurve it. While keeping in context with the Campion Virus, it is still grounded in complete fact. One thing that has come to my attention however – the whole dust mask thing. It’s been proven to not prevent Swine Flu, what about Campion?
    I’ll ask Lek to clarify that one.

  4. gestroud says:

    There have been unconfirmed reports that funeral services for two of the swine flu victims in Mexico were halted because some of the mourners “unquestionably” heard scratching sounds coming from inside the caskets.

  5. Andy says:

    The other day I saw a man on the subway, with a bandaged hand (bitten perhaps?) and vomiting in the gap between the subway cars.

    There were at least four people on that car wearing gauze masks.

    Is it evil of me to have hoped at some point he would turn and show them all that neither swine flu or the zombie virus are airbourne?

  6. flisk says:

    Hey Nathan,

    The Campion Virus, Z1N1, T-virus, Z-Virus, all are the same thing. I’m going to go out on limb and state that dust masks won’t help prevent shit. That’s one thing we have going for us in the Zombie Apocalypse, is that in all previous strains and “isolated outbreaks” the Zombie Virus has never been known to be airborn. It’s always been a transfer from either being bitten or from blood.

  7. Cathy Shey says:

    We should be thankful that the swine flu did not spread very rapidly. it is not very deadly like Ebola but swine flu can still kill you.

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