The Mind is a Razor Blade – a review with a bonus

I got The Mind is a Razor Blade by Max Booth III and when I opened it, you won’t guess what happened next!



I turned the page! I kept doing that until I had finished the book! OMG!

Okay.. I’ll admit it, I’m not very good at doing a grab like other websites are. You know..

“This man found a box and you won’t believe what was inside!”


“A woman bought a house and won’t believe what she discovered in the basement!”

Oh well. I’ll try another time.

Okay, where was I? Oh yeah.. I read The Mind is a Razor Blade by Max Booth III. What actually happened next didn’t actually happen after I read it, it started to happen during the very first chapter.

What happened ZombieMall? What happened??!?

Well.. In the 1st chapter our main character wakes up in the pouring rain, naked, and next to a river. He also has no memory of who he is. THAT is when a seed was planted, THAT is what actually happened next that I mentioned a few sentences ago…

ZombieMall.. you have gone off the deep end. You are talkin’ gibberish now.

Okay, let me back up..

I read Max’s book Toxicity a while ago. Then I read his novella, Black. The moment I picked up The Mind is a Razor Blade, I started to suspect something. I started to formulate a theory.

Yeah? Go on..

My theory is that all three of the writings are connected. As in.. they all take place in the same universe… I’ll explain..

A lot of writers create an entire universe in which their tales take place. Look at pretty much anything Stephen King writes; the most recent example that rolls off the top of my head, IT and Under the Dome – in IT there is a symbol in the cave, above a door, where they find the creature. In Under the Dome, that same symbol shows up. It’s a tiny connection, but a connection it is.

Back to Max’s books; Toxicity introduces a drug called Purple. When inhaled it causes one to “see” things. In this instance it is black flies. It also causes one to go into a strange trippy frenzy in which almost anything can seemingly happen. One moment you can be flying, the next you may see zombies. And there is Johnny Desperation… (wait for the bonus!)

Fast forward to The Mind is a Razor Blade.. While flies are not here, there are black spiders. BrianSpiders, uh er.. I mean BrainSpiders. We also have a character named Indigo.. Kindav a, how should I put this, a ring-leader, of sorts. He seems to be a head guru for a cult following a demon they call Conundrae. And there is.. (wait for the bonus!)

The world in which this all takes place seems.. oddly familiar as well. When our lost soul awakens and starts to stumble around the city we see total chaos. Almost as if…

Ahh.. but I gotta wait to explain that.. THAT’S the bonus at the end of the review!

NOW, step backwards to Max’s novella Black. Charlie and a demon. Not flies, not spiders, but oh yes, indeed there are thousands of insects.. and.. of course.. there is the demon. While it’s never given a name (at least not that I can recall), for the sake of my theory, I’m going to consider it to be Conundrae.

Did that blow your mind?

Put simply, Max has weaved a very complex universe (and in only 3 books!). Yes, I may be trying to read way too much into all of this, but isn’t that the point? I mean.. If you like something you read, isn’t it your job to explore every shadowy corner contained within those writings?

But ZombieMall, there is not much of a review here! And what about the bonus?

If you have failed to see my review here, then to be totally blunt, you have missed the entire point of what I have written. And the bonus.. the bonus will be given in just a moment.

For now let me break it all down; Would I put this much thought and consideration into trying to connect these books together if I didn’t enjoy them? Hell no! Hell yes, I loved The Mind is a Razor Blade, and just because of my personal theory I WILL get Max’s next book just so I can confirm it for myself.

I’d say that, all in all, makes this one hell of a review, it’s a damn good book. Go buy it, hell buy all of his books.

You can get it here: The Mind is a Razor Blade

The Bonus

Okay kids, this bonus is for the Max Booth III fans. My theory that at least two of Max’s books are connected turns out to actually have some merit. Check this shit out; Johnny Desperation is actually in both Toxicity and The Mind is a Razor Blade. It took me 3 reads to catch it (plus some prompting from Max himself), but oh yes, Johnny is most certainly confirmed as being in both books. Plus there is this little bit that Max told me during a little chat:

Max Booth III: “Razor actually takes place as an aftermath of the drug introduced in toxicity. But I’ve never told anyone that before. Haha.”

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