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We all know that when this plague of zombies hits, it’s going to hit hard.  We also know that there is a good chance that it can go global.  What we don’t know is when or where the first outbreak will occur.  I and my website are based in the United States, that’s just by chance for me.  I’ve got a plan for survival, as most of my readers should for their particular area.  I took Max Brooks’ The Zombie Survival Guide and read it cover to cover.  There were some things I already knew and a few things I learned.

The topic of survival is always interesting to me, right on down to watching shows like The Colony and Survivor Man.  I suppose my interest in them is because it shows survivor tools in various parts of the world.

I’ll let that be a segway into a book I got in the mail this past weekend; The Official Zombie Handbook (UK) – A Ministry of Zombies book by Sean T. Page.

Official Zombie Handbook

While the book itself references many United Kingdom locations and terms, the information contained within is universal to getting prepared before, during, and after the plague hits.  Please allow me to impress upon you that this book is not a rehash of Max Brooks’ book, not in any way.  Sean T. Page goes into such detail and reflection that the line between fact and fiction does not seem to exist.

“But I live in South America, why do I need a book that is based in the UK?”

Dude, it’s about freakin zombie survival!  Of course you need it!  Look, as I mentioned, yes, it references many United Kingdom locations, terms, and conditions, but the information overall is Universal.  The Royal Navy may not exist where you live, but the topic of your water-going military’s evacuation plan is pertinent information, that topic in this book is insight you need to know!

Listen, I got the Official Zombie Handbook (UK) on Saturday, within 2 days I had it read from cover to cover.  That’s not to say it’s a fast read, I just tend to read fast.  But here’s the cool part about this book:  You don’t have to read it from beginning to end straight through.  You can certainly pop open the book and pick a subject and begin reading (personally I love books like that).

All in all I would have to say this book is a must have for any zombie enthusiast.  You can find it on and for further information you can visit the Ministry of Zombies site as well.

The only thing I can say about this one that is negative is that my site is not listed on page 188.  Oh well, perhaps in the next Ministry of Zombies book, because, Sean, you gotta keep on writing my friend!

Lastly, I just want to say to Sean, thanks for the read and..

Stay Scary!

OH! If you wanna pick up a copy, you can grab one here:

The Official Zombie Handbook- The Ministry of Zombies

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    I never know that until I read this post. Exciting! I have to buys this in amazon.

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