The Strain Season 3 Premiere Review

I’m trying, I’m trying real hard to get back into watching The Strain.  Problem is, I’m bored with it.  I want to enjoy it, but it seems like it’s just spinning it’s wheels.

Season One was all about finding The Master.

Season Two was all about finding The Occido Lumen (a book).

It seems that Season Three is going to be about reading The Occido Lumen.

I dunno.  I mean, I get it that we are only 1 episode into the 3rd season, but it just didn’t grab me.  It almost seems like they have written themselves into a corner but are refusing to allow anything big to happen.  Take Ephraim, for example..  There is a scene in which he stabs a strigoi with a knife and just tosses it into the back seat of his car.  Granted they showed that it was covered in the little wormy things, but c’mon!  In the 1st season they played up the scare factor and how dangerous those wormy things were.  Now all of a sudden they aren’t as bad of a threat?  Or perhaps Eph just doesn’t care?  He’s lost his wife, his “girlfriend”, and his son is missing.  That’s a reason to give up?  He’s now an alcoholic too?

Seems to me that if my son was missing, I would stop at nothing to find him, especially if that’s all I had left!

Fet.. I would have liked to have seen him as the character of Negan in The Walking Dead, but I digress.  In this episode he seems to be the main expert on walking the sewers and finding vampires.  Only the Navy won’t let him go into the sewers to hunt?

Maybe I’m just jaded about it, maybe I’m just having A Bad Day, but I found the episode to be boring.

I even made a video to tell you how much I disliked this episode.

I realize too that I made a mistake in regards to the time slot.  I guess I forgot that it always came on on Sunday evenings.  That’s probably because up until now we didn’t have Fear the Walking Dead competing against it.  And I’m old.  Well, okay, I’m not old, but I’ve got a tired brain.  However, in this instance, zombies win over vampires, so I’m going to record The Strain and watch it later.


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