Toxicity by Max Booth III – A Review

Toxicity Review

There is a saying “Do not judge a book by it’s cover”.

It’s a rather self explanatory saying; don’t assume you know what the innards are going to be like simply by looking at the… well… cover.

Regardless, that’s exactly what I did with Max Booth III’s book Toxicity.


I mean… look at it, it’s freaking cool!


I’ve been threatening myself to get it for a while now, just based on that cover. The thirst to read it really didn’t exist at first. I mean, it did, I was going to read it by virtue of simply owning it, but it was the cover that attracted me to it. Finally I contacted Max and ordered it.

Not only did I finally get to look at the cover up close, but I was also rewarded with a journey into a surreal and bizarre world.

Dolls, Purple, Murder, and The Fly are just some of the buzz words (pun intended) that I could use to describe elements that are crafted in this book. It’s not exactly horror, but it’s more than simply fiction. The label on the back of the book categorizes it as Thriller. It has a touch of dark comedy as well, and with that all combined, you have one hell of a story.

The characters are very well developed, and they all certainly have solid pasts that make them interesting and unique.

Parts are pretty graphic (just to give you fair warning), but it is not included in a haphazard way. Everything placed in these pages is there for a reason. A very specific reason. Hell, I even went back and read it a 2nd time and caught a couple of other things I didn’t catch the 1st time (Maddox Kane’s daughter’s name for example – Addison – I’m fairly certain she got that name because of the road that runs just South of Wrigley Field) I read it.

I have many questions to ask Max about (and I will post the questions with the 1st comment to this article so as to not give away any spoilers), sadly, I feel that I may not get an answer.


I don’t think that Toxicity is over and that makes me sad. Sad because I’m not ready to leave this world behind and should Max have more plans for these characters, well… why would he tell me all about it? I really do want more, and in that way I am happy. It is a rare book indeed that leaves me hungering for more.

The anticipation of Toxicitii (see what I did there? Huh? huh? didja? Max, you better give me credit for that title!) is great indeed. I must tell Max that The Fly told me that his work must continue and Max knows one must obey The Fly.

ZombieMall highly recommends Toxicity. Give it a read. You can find it on Amazon:

Toxicity on Amazon

ALSO… Max Booth III has his 2nd novel due out on September 18th, The Mind is a Razor Blade, which is being published by Kraken Press. In fact… if you preorder it today, right now – right this second, you will get immediate access to the e-book version. So you get the book shipped to you around the middle of this month, but you can start reading it NOW on your technological device of choice. That sounds like a deal to me!

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One Response to “Toxicity by Max Booth III – A Review”

  1. ZombieMall says:

    My questions (I’ll post the answers should Max Booth III grace me with them):

    (remember these may contain spoilers!)

    Maddox Kane: was he arrested or did he manage to find a way to go free?

    Addison Kane: How much $$$ was actually in the bag? I mean, I know that Ruth sated it was about 1/4 of the winnings.. but how much was it?

    Addison is not exactly a “good guy” and seems to have some underhanded dealings with her father, but knowing her background we certainly see how she got to where she is, how do you think Maddox would react knowing she lied to him?

    King: Is he still making and selling Purple?

    Goths: They seemed to be able to “handle” Purple better than Johnny. I state this only because they more or less warn him of the things he is going to experience before it starts happening to him. When we see Johnny try Purple, it grips him fast and does not let go. Did the Goths see The Fly as well?

    The Fly: Was it real or was it just brought on as a “hallucination” from Purple? Did the world end for everyone or just for Johnny?

    Did you read my title for the 2nd book, Toxicitii ? You’re totally gonna use that title aren’t you? Aren’t you? The Fly said you would.

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