Vampire Stake 8 inch Cedar

Vampire Stake 8 inch Cedar : $12.00


This Vampire Stake is approximately 8″ in length and just shy of 2″ in diameter.  It is made of Cedar, giving it a rich, bold, dark purple color at the tip.  The end, or “handle” is left raw for easy grip.  The stake itself is hand-carved and sealer is hand applied to give it protection.

Because of the nature of wood, and that these are all hand made, not all stakes will be identical and yours may be a little more than 8″ in length (and may look a little different than the one in the photo).

These are the real deal folks.  These are not toys and are not meant for children.  These are to be used for display only.   Do not purchase unless you are of sound mind and are over the age of 18.

These are made by hand to order, please allow for 1 week to carve and gloss before we ship.

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