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I’ve been in the realm of horror for a very long time. I really can’t recall the 1st horror movie I saw, although if I had to guess it was probably a classic like The Creeping Flesh or The Blob (original), possibly even The Exorcist. I was born in 1973, the same year that The Exorcist came out (and no.. I didn’t see it the year I was born), but I know that by the time I hit 9th grade I had seen it.
I’ve also seen many a horror websites come and go. Some have been great sites, others not so much.
What I have never been able to understand is why the ones that went.. went.
I established ZombieMall.com in 2006. I currently have it registered through to the year 2020. Yep, I’ve got a vision for this beast. And guess what? Once it gets close to time for this puppy to expire, I’m going to renew it for another long length of years. I’m in this trench for the long haul.
Perhaps the others lacked the passion? Mayhaps they lacked the budget to keep their sites running (although I can’t see that really, I mean.. $15.00 a month for hosting a website and $15.00 a year for registration if you go yearly – c’mon that’s cheap!). Either way, I never understood why some sites just up and disappeared.

Dude, what the hell is your point? Your title says Horror Geeks Magazine. Tell us about that already!

Yes, yes, you are quite correct. In an effort to get to the “meat” of the article, I needed to paint a little bit of a back drop.

Okay, it breaks down like this: ZombieMall.com has always been a site that I use to promote others in the horror genre. We have had grand opportunities to interview various people in the horror community; from authors, artists, and directors, to musicians, clothing designers, and comic book writers. Their works have been a blast to review and share with our readers.

You are getting off track again. Horror Geeks Magazine? Have you forgotten about that?

No, no, no, I’ve not forgotten. I’m done painting the back drop, now I’m ready for you to feast upon the flesh.

Horror Geeks Magazine is the newest horror mag out there. Only 3 weeks old at the time of this article being written, and already it’s website has had over 4,000 visitors.
This is where I pull the Saw tie-together of everything I wrote above (go ahead and queue up Hello Zepp, I’ll wait… got it? okay, here goes…)
I want Horror Geeks Magazine to stay around for a LONG time. I believe in what they believe in; bringing horror fans great information about horror.
I do not want this site to be a phantom ghost in a year or two.
It’s a FREE online magazine and that’s a great price at any price for the amount of rich content they already have.
Visit the site, give it your love and support, and help spread the virus word.

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Stressed Zombie Outbreak Sign

Stressed Zombie Outbreak Sign : $19.00


Made from .040 aluminum, this 18″x12″ sign will let everyone know that the area is unsafe and is teeming with zombies.

Great for your home Bar, or any bar for that matter. Perfect for the door to your room, let everyone know to STAY OUT!


Click the flimsy looking fence above to see a larger image

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Max Booth III – an Interview

I had an opportunity to throw some questions at Max Booth III (you know, the author of Toxicity and The Mind is a Razor Blade) and he responded by throwing some cookies at me.  I like cookies, so we sat down and ate of them.  He also gave me some answers to my more burning questions.

Keep in mind that as you read this there may be spoilers about some of this works…

ZM: Maddox Kane, was he arrested or did he manage to find a way to go free?

MB: Nope, not tellin’. I left Maddox’s fate intentionally open. What do you think happened?

ZM: Addison Kane, How much $$$ was actually in the bag? I mean, I know that Ruth sated it was about 1/4 of the winnings.. but how much was it?

MB: Enough to start a new life. I never figured out exactly how much. I don’t think it really matters, to be honest.

ZM: Addison is not exactly a “good guy” and seems to have some underhanded dealings with her father, but knowing her background we certainly see how she got to where she is, how do you think Maddox would react knowing she lied to him?

MB: If he had known the complete truth, then he might not have gone back to King, and most of the events in the book would not have happened. I don’t think he would have been too angry or anything, either. He’s too concerned about being a good father.

ZM: King, Is he still making and selling Purple?

MB: Yes. Unless, of course, Maddox escaped custody and murdered him. You may never know!

ZM: Goths, They seemed to be able to “handle” Purple better than Johnny. I state this only because they more or less warn him of the things he is going to experience before it starts happening to him. When we see Johnny try Purple, it grips him fast and does not let go. Did the Goths see The Fly as well?

MB: Most of the screen-time with the Goths is purely hallucinogenic, except for their introduction in the school hallways.

ZM: The Fly, Was it real or was it just brought on as a “hallucination” from Purple? Did the world end for everyone or just for Johnny?

MB: The Fly was a complete hallucination brought on by the Purple. Or maybe it’s not. Maybe the Fly exists and the Purple opened Johnny’s eyes, like the sunglasses from THEY LIVE. Of course, I know, but I ain’t sayin’. Because, you see, I’m a jerk. The world ending is purposely vague.

ZM: Did you read my title for the 2nd book, Toxicitii ? You’re totally gonna use that title aren’t you? Aren’t you? The Fly said you would.

MB: Toxicitii will be the title, yes. Good call.

ZM: I know that you have written flash fiction before, were any of the characters or elements from that a foreshadow to what Toxicity became? Like, has The Fly or Purple or Kane been in anything previous? Does anyone from Toxicity show up in The Mind is a Razorblade?

MB: No, not really. Although I do have a flash piece coming out soon called “Kurt Cobain Murdered My Father” that is about somebody addicted to Purple. Look for it in Post Mortem Press’s anthology, 44 Lies by 22 Authors. Also, Johnny makes a brief cameo in Razorblade, yeah. Kind of early on in the book, for maybe two or three paragraphs.

ZM: I’ve gotten most of my answers for Toxicity, but next I’d like to delve into some.. other areas.. We may jump around a bit… What does the Demon Blak do once he comes up to the surface?

MB: Probably gets a slice of pizza.

ZM: Toxicity was, to me, a bit of a dark comedy. In The Mind is a Razorblade, is it a bit more gritty than Toxicity?

MB: I would say that The Mind is a Razorblade is more horror-themed than Toxicity by a long shot. Razorblade could also be called a dark comedy, but there’s a lot less of a Tarantino feel to it and more of a Phillip K. Dick feel.

ZM: I’ve got to ask a forced question, please don’t torture me because of it.. How much of your inspiration comes from the people you encounter while you are at work? Can you cite anything specific that got translated into one of your books or stories?

MB: For Toxicity and The Mind is a Razorblade, not much of my customer service history came into play. I will say that I’m currently working on a novel about a hotel night auditor, and that obviously comes from my own hotel experience.

ZM: Next I want to ask you about the process. No, not the process in how you write, I think every writer is different when it comes to that, but rather.. I want to know the process you found to actually GET published. I’m not looking for the “secret entrance” for a writer to finally see their work in print, but rather, what advice can you give to someone who has decided to get published? What is the wrong way and what is the right way to approach a potential publisher to pick up their work?

MB: My advice is to research your markets. If you see a company you like, approach some of the authors they’ve published in the past. Ask about their experience with the company. Figure out exactly what you want the publisher to do for you. What can you gain by going with them that you can’t by going with somebody else? For example, I was really excited to go with Post Mortem Press for my first novel because they are constantly touring around the country at book conventions, selling your book at places you would have never been able to without their hard work. That’s not something every publisher will do. The wrong way to pick a publisher is by agreeing to any terms and conditions and going with the first person to send you an acceptance letter. There are a lot of bad publishers out there. Most of them don’t know any more than you do. So do your homework. Don’t be greedy to see your name in print. Do it right, even if it’s slow and hard and bloody.

There you have it folks (that’s such a cheesy line, but it never fails to work for wrapping things up), a great interview with Max Booth III!  Be sure to check out our review of Toxicity and be sure to stay tuned for a review of his newest novel, The Mind is a Razorblade!  Remember it’s due out on September 18th and details to order it can also be found towards the bottom of our Toxicity review.


Stay Scary!


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Death Wish Coffee a review

I like coffee.  A lot.

I ran across this new kind of coffee company while cruising on Facebook.

They call themselves Death Wish Coffee.  I had to have it just based on the name alone.

Why do they call it Death Wish Coffee?  Well.. they advertise that it contains roughly 200% more caffeine than any other coffee out there.  I had to put it to the test for myself.

Check out my video review:


I shot this video a few days ago, since then I’ve had several cups of this Death Wish Coffee.  I wanted to give it time to “sink in” before I started writing about it.

1st the taste:  This stuff is super smooth.  There is zero bitter aftertaste, no burnt coffee flavor, nothing bad about it at all.

2nd the caffeine: No jitters, but I can certainly tell that I’ve got a bit of a kick of energy after drinking this coffee.  1 cup is really all it takes.

(a few days later)

3rd iced coffee:  okay, let me explain something..  I like my coffee cold, over ice.  I simply feel that if you are going to drink coffee it’s for the caffeine, unless you are one of those that drinks that decaf stuff – but I digress.  Cold-iced-coffee.  When you drink coffee hot, you usually don’t gulp it down.  that means you sip it.  That means that the caffeine seeps into your body a little sip at a time, over the course of however long it takes for you to, well, sip it.  With iced coffee you can drink it all down in less than 5 minutes.  What’s that gonna do?  It’s gonna infuse that caffeine into your system FAST.  My problem is… your typical iced coffee… say a caramel macchiato for example, uses a shot of espresso.  When I make mine, I use 3 shots of espresso.  I’m not even going to go into the math to determine how much caffeine I just drank down.  But holy crap, the dishes are done, the dog has had a bath, the zombies have been dispatched, the corn has been planted, and I’ve resoled my shoes.

Here at ZombieMall, we like this stuff.  It’s got a fantastic taste, it’s smooth as silk, and it helps us get the damn job done!

NOW.. if only I can talk Death Wish Coffee into making a new strain of coffee and calling it:

Zombie Mall Coffee  :  It’s Strong Enough to Wake the Dead!

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Toxicity by Max Booth III – A Review

Toxicity Review

There is a saying “Do not judge a book by it’s cover”.

It’s a rather self explanatory saying; don’t assume you know what the innards are going to be like simply by looking at the… well… cover.

Regardless, that’s exactly what I did with Max Booth III’s book Toxicity.


I mean… look at it, it’s freaking cool!


I’ve been threatening myself to get it for a while now, just based on that cover. The thirst to read it really didn’t exist at first. I mean, it did, I was going to read it by virtue of simply owning it, but it was the cover that attracted me to it. Finally I contacted Max and ordered it.

Not only did I finally get to look at the cover up close, but I was also rewarded with a journey into a surreal and bizarre world.

Dolls, Purple, Murder, and The Fly are just some of the buzz words (pun intended) that I could use to describe elements that are crafted in this book. It’s not exactly horror, but it’s more than simply fiction. The label on the back of the book categorizes it as Thriller. It has a touch of dark comedy as well, and with that all combined, you have one hell of a story.

The characters are very well developed, and they all certainly have solid pasts that make them interesting and unique.

Parts are pretty graphic (just to give you fair warning), but it is not included in a haphazard way. Everything placed in these pages is there for a reason. A very specific reason. Hell, I even went back and read it a 2nd time and caught a couple of other things I didn’t catch the 1st time (Maddox Kane’s daughter’s name for example – Addison – I’m fairly certain she got that name because of the road that runs just South of Wrigley Field) I read it.

I have many questions to ask Max about (and I will post the questions with the 1st comment to this article so as to not give away any spoilers), sadly, I feel that I may not get an answer.


I don’t think that Toxicity is over and that makes me sad. Sad because I’m not ready to leave this world behind and should Max have more plans for these characters, well… why would he tell me all about it? I really do want more, and in that way I am happy. It is a rare book indeed that leaves me hungering for more.

The anticipation of Toxicitii (see what I did there? Huh? huh? didja? Max, you better give me credit for that title!) is great indeed. I must tell Max that The Fly told me that his work must continue and Max knows one must obey The Fly.

ZombieMall highly recommends Toxicity. Give it a read. You can find it on Amazon:

Toxicity on Amazon

ALSO… Max Booth III has his 2nd novel due out on September 18th, The Mind is a Razor Blade, which is being published by Kraken Press. In fact… if you preorder it today, right now – right this second, you will get immediate access to the e-book version. So you get the book shipped to you around the middle of this month, but you can start reading it NOW on your technological device of choice. That sounds like a deal to me!

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ZombieMall Brain

ZombieMall Brain : $5.00



A Brain.

Soft and spongy.  Dried Blood.  Packaged in a butcher’s package.

Not much more complicated than that.

Oh.. and to cover my ass, no they are not real, it’s just a toy made of plastic.  Measures about 3.5″ x 4″ (the brain itself), the package is 7.25″ x 5″.

bunch of brains just a chillin

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Vampire Stake 16 inch Cedar

Vampire Stake 16 inch Cedar : $24.00


This Vampire Stake is approximately 16″ in length and just shy of 2″ in diameter.  It is made of Cedar, giving it a rich, bold, dark color at the tip.  The end, or “handle” is left raw for easy grip.  The stake itself is hand-carved and sealer is hand applied to give it protection.

Because of the nature of wood, and that these are all hand made, not all stakes will be identical and yours may be a little more than 16″ in length (and may look a little different than the one in the photo).

These are the real deal folks.  These are not toys and are not meant for children.  These are to be used for display only.   Do not purchase unless you are of sound mind and are over the age of 18.

These are made by hand to order, please allow for 1 week to carve and gloss before we ship.

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Vampire Stake 8 inch Cedar

Vampire Stake 8 inch Cedar : $12.00


This Vampire Stake is approximately 8″ in length and just shy of 2″ in diameter.  It is made of Cedar, giving it a rich, bold, dark purple color at the tip.  The end, or “handle” is left raw for easy grip.  The stake itself is hand-carved and sealer is hand applied to give it protection.

Because of the nature of wood, and that these are all hand made, not all stakes will be identical and yours may be a little more than 8″ in length (and may look a little different than the one in the photo).

These are the real deal folks.  These are not toys and are not meant for children.  These are to be used for display only.   Do not purchase unless you are of sound mind and are over the age of 18.

These are made by hand to order, please allow for 1 week to carve and gloss before we ship.

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Retractable Vampire Fangs

Retractable Vampire Fangs : $12.00

Can You Imagine having the ability to custom fit a pair of vampire Fangs and to make them appear & disappear? We Did! Introducing the ZombieMall Retractable Vampire Fangs.



1. Custom Fit Them – Take your Retractable Fangs and drop them into a glass of hot water for a few minutes in order to soften the Dental Thermoplastic that is in the 2 tooth wells.

2. Carefully Remove the Fangs from the water and insert them into your mouth with the tooth wells (and the softened

3. Gently Bite Down and position the tooth wells onto your back molar and hold in place for few seconds while the Dental Thermoplastic hardens and forms a perfect fit to your teeth.

4. Remove the Fangs from your mouth and place them under cold running water to harden the Dental Thermoplastic. You now have a pair of custom fit Special FX Retractable Fangs.

5. Put the Fangs back into your mouth and attach them to your back molars. Now, using your TONGUE, move the Tongue Bar to RAISE & LOWER the fangs at your will! It’s that easy!

Just one word of warning, don’t drink anything red with these, unless you want them to turn pink.

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Zombie University Diploma Regular Version

Zombie University Diploma Regular Version : $10.00


I have had many MANY requests for an Official Zombie University Diploma.  Fresh from the print press, I present to you:

The Official Zombie University Diploma as made famous by our beloved school!

Let the masses know you have put up with the toughest teachers, that you have endured the harshest student bodies, and that you graduated with honors from Zombie University!

This Diploma features the University Gold Foil seal:


It has fine detailed edging (that we can customize to almost any color you want!):


Each Diploma will be personalized especially for you!

We will place on the Diploma any Degree you desire!

We will place on the Diploma any Name you desire!

We will place on the Diploma any Year you wish to graduate from!


Your Official Zombie University Diploma will be Hand Signed by the President,  and Dean of the University upon purchase!

This Regular version of the Official Zombie University Diploma is printed on Southworth watermarked Fine Granite Paper (hold it up to the light to view watermark).  It measures 8.5″ x 11″.

If you are looking for something extra special in your Diploma be sure to check out the Official Zombie University Diploma Delux Version, complete with embossed foil edging!  You can find it here:  Official Zombie University Diploma Delux Version


And be sure to stop by Zombie University  any time day or night to see what the excitement is all about!

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